Overwatch 2 devs reveal massive Mauga buffs ahead of Season 8 patch

mauga firing guns in cage matchBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 developers have revealed a laundry list of Mauga buffs they’re testing ahead of his Season 8 launch.

During BlizzCon weekend, Mauga was unveiled and fully playable for all players in Overwatch 2 and the devs learned quite a bit from the feedback they received about the new tank.

Mauga was one of the most-anticipated Overwatch 2 heroes with many waiting for his debut as far back as OW1, but upon his arrival, players immediately took issue with his survivability.

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Luckily, Game Director Aaron Keller confirmed a series of buffs are in the works for when the tank fully enters the game at the start of Season 8.

Overwatch 2 Director reveals big Mauga buffs after player concerns

In a new blog post, Keller delved into Mauga’s free preview, explaining that according to statistics, he’s “on the average to weak side” with even high-ranked players struggling to get value out of him.

“We would like Mauga to feel strong at launch, so we’ll be implementing a set of changes to his tuning at the start of Season 8,” Keller explained, noting how they want his damage on smaller targets to be more reliable.

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Mauga ultimate lets him fly and kill entire teamsOverwatch 2
After years of sitting in the background, Mauga is finally on his way to Overwatch 2.

Below are a list of the changes currently being tested, but as Keller stated, Mauga’s launch is still a few weeks away, so the exact numbers could be tuned more.

  • Replace a chunk of his health with armor. We’re experimenting with 150 internally.
  • Reduce the size of his head’s hit volume.
  • Increase the damage reduction on Overrun. Originally it was at 30%, we’re testing it at 50%. Also, this can no longer be interrupted by Hack.
  • Increase the lifesteal on Cardiac Overdrive.

The devs are also testing just about every possible change possible for his guns including different spreads, firing rates, damage, ammo, fall-off range, and more.

Additionally, the OW2 Director remarked how the Mauga free preview was a success, especially when it came to acquiring feedback, so we could very well see more of these in the future for upcoming heroes and other features.

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“We think that this could be a great template going forward, not only for heroes but possibly for some of our other large pieces of content!” Keller exclaimed.

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