How to unlock Overwatch Anniversary Remix Vol 2 weekly challenge skins

Brad Norton
Overwatch Anniversary

Overwatch’s Anniversary Remix Volume 2 event is officially live and Blizzard has brought back a trio of exclusive skins to unlock again through weekly challenges. Here’s what you’ll need to do to unlock each one.

Weekly challenges offer players a chance to unlock limited-time skins during Overwatch’s seasonal events. For the second volume of the Anniversary “Remix”, we now have the chance to unlock three skins from the past each week. It’s a second chance to grab them after limited appearances in previous years.

That’s why it’s essential to know exactly what you need to do in order to knock these challenges out. For Anniversary 2022, weekly challenges give rewards for 9, 18, and 27 games played, with wins counting as two. Below you’ll find the requirements, as well as each week’s three rewards.

Week 1 — Legendary Dr. Ziegler Mercy Skin

Overwatch Mercy skin
The Doctor is here to see you now, once again.

The Week 1 challenge sees the return of Mercy’s Dr. Ziegler attire, which originally appeared as a mini-event all the way back in 2019. Since then, this unique cosmetic has been one of the rarest items for the flying Support.

Now, it’s available again for one week only — so don’t miss out! Along with the skin, there’s also a player icon and a few sprays to grab. In total you’ll need to play 27 games, broken down below:

  • 9 games: Dr. Ziegler Player Icon
  • 18 games: Lab Coat & Evaluation Sprays
  • 27 games: Legendary Dr. Ziegler Mercy Skin

Week 2 — Epic Mardi Gras Ashe Skin

Overwatch Ashe skin
The flashiest skin of them all is back for another round.

Next up in Week 2 we have a more recent addition as Ashe’s Mardi Gras Challenge cosmetics make a return. Having arrived in Overwatch as part of a mini-event in early 2020, the Mardi Gras Skin is among the most rare for Ashe.

Just like the other weekly challenge skins, it takes a total of 27 games played to unlock, but you also get some bonus sprays and icons for your troubles.

  • 9 games: Mardi Gras Ashe & Bob Player Icons
  • 18 games: Gold Mask Spray
  • 27 games: Epic Mardi Gras Ashe Skin

Week 3 — Legendary Maestro Sigma Skin

Overwatch Sigma skin
Sigma’s Maestro skin is back in stock across week three.

Finally, to finish things off we have Sigma’s Maestro Challenge taking center stage once more. Players can get their hands on this rare Sigma Skin throughout the third week of the Anniversary event.

No different from previous weeks, the Skin also comes alongside a handful of bonus goodies including an icon and even an emote to boot.

  • 9 games: Maestro Sigma Player Icon
  • 18 games: Maestro Emote
  • 27 games: Legendary Maestro Sigma Skin

There you have it, all three of the Overwatch Anniversary Remix 2022 weekly challenges, and their rewards. Remember, if you don’t unlock these during the weekly challenge, you might not be able to again, so don’t miss out!

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