Sigma Maestro skin challenge revealed for next Overwatch mini-event

Sigma maestro skin in Overwatch with logoBlizzard Entertainment

The next mini-event skin challenge in Overwatch is arriving on July 14, with a classy new Sigma outfit up for grabs upon completing the Maestro challenge. 

Announced alongside the new Cities & Countries music pack, which is available now, the Sigma skin ties in the with the cabaret theme and fans are absolutely loving it—from the polished shoes covering his infamous toes to the sophisticated bowtie and glasses.

In past mini-events, such as those for Ana and D.Va, the challenges have also rewarded players with sprays and player icons as well, so presumably there may be more to this Maestro pack too.

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Sigma Maestro skin in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
The new Sigma Maestro skin.

The last such event was Ana’s Bastet challenge, way back in January 2019. The basic challenges required you to win 3, 6 and then 9 games to unlock the whole set.

You could also earn more items by watching designated streamers on Twitch. None of this has been confirmed for Sigma’s Maestro challenge yet, but we should know more on July 14, when the challenge goes live.

Sigma’s Maestro skin challenge

You can see the first reveal of Sigma’s upcoming skin in the Cities & Countries reveal trailer:

If it follows the pattern of previous events, you’ll probably have to win a total of nine matches to unlock the skin.

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Although it’s possible Blizzard has other plans for this challenge, so we’ll keep you updated when the requirements are eventually confirmed.

You can start working your way towards completing the tasks, whatever they are, on Tuesday, July 14. Once it goes live, previous skin challenges have lasted just under three weeks, so plenty of time to get the wins in.

Maestro Sigma is even rocking a new hairdo, making the once-creepy, musically inclined scientist suddenly both fancy and handsome. Early feedback on the skin has been very positive, so all Sigma mains will definitely want to add this one to the collection.

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