4 features Blizzard must include in the second Overwatch 2 beta

Michael Gwilliam
Overwatch 2 reaper on gothenburgBlizzard Entertainment

The first Overwatch 2 beta is in the books and the devs are hard at work getting ready for the second. The question is: will it be better than the first?

There was plenty of confusion when the first beta went live with some returning players shocked at how little new content was available. One new hero, reworked characters, a handful of new maps, and the Push game mode weren’t enough for many.

After first breaking Twitch records for viewership, Overwatch 2 dropped by 99%, and the hype dried up with some blasting the sequel as a glorified expansion.

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However, as an introduction to the revamped 5v5 gameplay, OW2 has left an impression. Now it’s time to show the true potential of the game. Here are four things Blizzard needs to add to the second beta to keep interest high and ensure players return for round two.

OW2 ranked playBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 beta would benefit from ranked.


One of the biggest issues with the first Overwatch 2 beta was a lack of ranked play. Forcing players into the quick play matches over and over gets boring because the games mean very little.

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As far as incentives to play go, ranked is a must. The problem, however, may stem from the fact that Blizzard is making some major enhancements to the Overwatch 1 system and it may not be ready for the second beta.

If anything, Blizzard should consider bringing back the original ranked mode until the revamped one is ready just to tide players over. It may not be perfect, but it will at least keep fans from going back to the first game.

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Junkertown Overwatch 2 leakBlizzard Entertainment/C h a m a c h i n e
It’s been years since Blizzard added a new tank or support hero.

New tank and support heroes

It’s pretty obvious at this point that new tank and support heroes are on the way, especially as Sojourn was a DPS. Already there have been teases for new heroes too, but their identities aren’t yet official.

Regardless, releasing two at once may end up being the best call and really get players’ attention back. Support and tank mains have been without a new hero for years at this point and two could make up for Sojourn’s underwhelming launch.

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If leaks about The Junker Queen being one of the next heroes are true, then her pre-existing popularity could be enough to elevate the second beta.

Overwatch 2 console playBlizzard Entertainment
Console users were left out of the first beta.

Console release

The first beta was only released on PC leaving console players wondering when they’d be able to get their hands on the game. And there are quite a lot of them!

Being able to bring in more players, especially in a revamped second beta, could help the game immensely and unite the fandoms.

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Luckily, there might be some good news, as Xbox retweeted an official announcement for a June 16 OW2 event. Even though Microsoft is buying Activision-Blizzard, this could be a sign that console play is on the way.

Xbox ow2 consoleTwitter
Could Xbox be teasing something?

Revamped UI and general Overwatch things

From the new scoreboard to the revamped interface, there have been plenty of good for Blizzard to improve on and bad for the company to reapproach.

Making the game look like a sequel while maintaining the charm of the original was not going to be an easy task and so far Blizzard has made some progress in improving the game’s aesthetic.

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However, there were some big things missing from the first beta including Play of the Game, end-match stats and Replay functionality just to name a few. It’s not yet known how these will be enhanced in Overwatch 2, but their addition could certainly help make the game feel more complete.

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