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Overwatch ninja sits on top of a huge robotic gun with mount fuji and cherry blossoms in the background

Overwatch’s Assault maps have become some of the game’s most famous, so here’s every map where you have to fight for the point, as well as the mode’s future in Overwatch 2.

One of the best things about Overwatch is that, when it comes to maps, variety is the spice of life. With Assault, Control, Escort, and Hybrid maps making up the title‘s numerous battlegrounds, Assault terrains are often deemed some of the hardest.

Setting players the challenge of fighting for two points, you’ll need to pry control over designated locations from the grips of your enemy’s cold, dead fingers on the attack, and keep the hordes at bay on defense.

Which maps are actually Assault maps, though? And will we see these dual-point control maps make a return in the title’s highly anticipated sequel, Overwatch 2?


Overwatch latino man with green hair and a green outfit stands back to back with a small woman in pilot gear
In order to withstand the assault, you’ll need to have eyes in the back of your head – or just good teammates.

All Overwatch Assault maps listed


Overwatch Japanese garden with cherry blossom
The spectacular grounds of Hanamura have become one of the title’s fiercest battlegrounds.

Set in the stunning pastures of Hanzo and Genji’s family home, Shimada Temple, the cherry blossom-soaked grounds have been transformed into a battleground. While capturing Point A is relatively easy, laying siege to the temple’s inner sanctum is a far more difficult task.

Horizon Lunar Colony

Overwatch telescope looks out to space at earth
In space, no one can hear you scream – or groan, as the case may be.

While hardly the game’s most popular map, Horizon Lunar Colony has etched itself into Overwatch’s history books. With both Winston and Wrecking Ball calling the moon home, this Assault map is a shout-out to these lovable critters.


Overwatch Paris with Eiffel Tower
Rendezvous avec la morte.

Despite being the city of romance, the streets of Paris run red with the blood of your enemies instead of the petals of roses. While the first capture point is relatively straightforward, the map has constantly come under fire for the second point being largely impenetrable. A lot of players will be pretty happy that this one has been booted coming into the sequel.

Temple of Anubis

Overwatch egyptian landscape with pyramid
Will you survive the desert? Or can you not stand the heat?

Yet another map characterized by an easy point A and insanely difficult point B, Ana’s hometown of Egypt has earned quite the reputation. As the sun sets over the rolling desert sands, you’re probably still trying to capture the second point and getting absolutely nowhere.

Volskaya Industries

Overwatch Volskaya snowy city map
The snow is the last thing you need to worry about on Volskaya.

Despite being one of the game’s most beautiful locations, the looming factory that houses point B casts a shadow over this quaint Russian city. Easily one of the hardest maps to break through on, Volskaya has etched itself into history as one of Overwatch’s least enjoyable vistas.

Will Overwatch 2 have Assault maps?

In short, no, Overwatch 2 will not see the return of Assault maps. No longer will we groan every time we load into Horizon, but equally we won’t be able to take in the stunning baby pink vistas of Hanamura. Instead, these maps will be replaced by the title’s new game mode, which remains a mystery for now.

However, if you’re a battle-hardened player who loves running face-first into the action, you’ll be able to play the original Assault maps via the Custom Games menu.

So whether you love them or hate them, those are all of the current Assault maps in Overwatch. While they won’t be returning in the future, make sure to brush up your skills for when you take your first steps into Overwatch 2:

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