Overwatch players demand Blizzard remove “hated” 2CP from ranked & Paris from QP

Ana on Temple of AnubisBlizzard Entertainment

With Overwatch 2 set to remove the incredibly detested 2CP game mode, players want Blizzard to take the mode and its maps out of ranked rotation early.

2CP, otherwise known as Assault, is an extremely controversial game mode that has teams take turns trying to capture two points, with the teams alternating between attackers and defenders.

Due to how the maps are structured, they’re incredibly defender-favored, despite the fact that attackers only really need to win two fights to have a perfect round.

This means that attackers need to play pretty flawlessly and have a certain level of coordination that can be hard to achieve when playing with randoms.

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Paris OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
Paris is a very controversial map.

Overwatch players want 2CP removed now

To make matters even more divisive, Paris, the map considered to be the worst in the game, is still in rotation in Quick Play despite being so difficult, although it was pulled from Competitive, along with Horizon Lunar Colony.

Players on Reddit have voiced their disapproval of the game mode still existing, calling on Blizzard to hurry up and take 2CP out of Overwatch for good.

“Nothing more infuriating than trying to practice DPS in QP, get a 12 min queue even with a priority pass… Then get Paris. You cannot even play the damn game if you’re down a player,” a user wrote. “And the thing is, because there is such a high turnover of players on this map, you’re statistically more likely to get it when you queue.”

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Blizzard Entertainment

Other players agreed. “There’s an argument to be made that 2CP in general doesn’t belong in the QP pool. It’s a game mode that can end in two team fights which is fine in comp cause you can do that back to the enemy team but in QP it’s over,” another remarked.

The hatred for 2CP continued in the comments with players waving their fists at Blizzard.

“Just remove 2CP from the game and make it an Arcade only card,” a user who likely has an incredibly high IQ suggested. “If people want to play it it’s there, but for those of us who are sane we get to avoid the mode forever.”

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HanamuraBlizzard Entertainment
Hanamura? No thank you.

“2CP is responsible for the most infuriating matches I’ve ever had in this game,” another commented.

Whether or not Blizzard decides to remove the mode before Overwatch 2’s release is anyone’s guess. At least for fans eager to never play another map of Temple of Anubis or Hanamura, the fact 2CP is being replaced by a secret new mode for the sequel should be a little comforting.