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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 is even better than the planned Tommy Fury fight

Published: 9/Dec/2021 0:01 Updated: 9/Dec/2021 0:50

by Michael Gwilliam


With Tommy Fury pulling out of his upcoming boxing match against Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley has reentered the fray as a replacement opponent – and dare I say, I’m very excited to see what goes down.

While Jake has doubts about the legitimacy of the injuries and even wanted Tommy to fight through them, it’s clear that the Brit just wasn’t as into it as his opponent… especially when Tommy’s dad and big bro Tyson seemed more engaged than he was. Did anyone even really predict Fury to win? Not that I recall.

Listen, whether or not Tommy could have fought through the pain is besides the point. What’s done is done, and now, former UFC champ Tyron Woodley is getting another shot. He’s scooping up the fumbled bag. And honestly, good for him.


The first fight against Tyron Woodley was by far the biggest challenge the YouTuber-turned-boxer faced. Unlike his previous matches, Jake was unable to score a KO and ended up only narrowly winning by split-decision.

Jake Paul fights Tyron Woodley
Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Round 2… fight!

It was hardly definitive, and such a close contest definitely deserved a runback. Sadly, the only running that was on display was Jake’s.

Immediately after their first fight, Tyron demanded a rematch. Jake agreed, but only on the condition that he got the infamous “I love Jake Paul” tattoo that the former UFC star stood so firmly against.

Tyron did end up waiting a bit to get it, wanting the rematch contract drawn up first. Even after he got it inked, however, Jake didn’t agree. Call it karma or even divine intervention, but there’s a reason Tyron Woodley is known as The Chosen One.


What’s on the line?

But there is so much more for Woodley on the table than just a win, redemption, and a $500,000 KO bonus. A victory against Jake would undoubtedly set up a rubber match – and that would mean big numbers and even more money on the line.

By all means, if Paul versus Fury had happened and Jake won, he likely would have just continued facing off against new opponents and Woodley would never have had another shot.

Plus, keep in mind, his fight against Jake Paul was his very first boxing match. If anything, this puts him in a much better position than he was previously.


It’s a rare instance of a replacement makeshift bout begin better than what was originally planned and I’m excited what Tyron can do in round 2 – if Jake can prove the first time wasn’t a fluke.