Tyron Woodley slams “b*tch” Jake Paul for running from boxing rematch

Tyron Woodley alongside Jake Paul in boxing gearInstagram: Tyron Woodley/Jake Paul

Former UFC star Tyron Woodley has taken swipes at Jake Paul for ‘running’ from a boxing rematch following the YouTuber’s split decision win back in August.

Back in August, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley finally put an end to their social media beef by stepping inside the boxing ring and slugging it out in an eight-round bout.

While some fans claimed Woodley had the better of the two fighters – even having Paul on the ropes at one point – it was the YouTuber who scored the split decision victory. On top of that, as per their pre-fight bet, the former UFC champion was forced to get an ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo in the hopes of getting a rematch.

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That tattoo has proven to be a source of controversy as well, with Jake suggesting that the way Woodley has had the tattoo done in such a way that he can turn it around to say ‘F**k Jake Paul’ at any point. As a result, the YouTuber stated that this is a loophole and it cast further doubts over a rematch.

Tyron Woodley Jake Paul tattooYouTube/JakePaul/Instagram/TyronWoodley
Jake has taken issue with Woodley’s tattoo after the bout.

Jake has moved on from the bout, scheduling a long-awaited clash with Tommy Fury – which has also produced some heated moments online and in their pre-fight conferences.

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Speaking to MMAJunkie, Woodley blasted Jake for having ‘run’ from their rematch to fight Tommy instead. “Jake Paul is a b*tch. He didn’t want to fight, like, ‘You did it too late.’ No, you just didn’t want to fight, and they gave you a way out, and you took it and ran.”

The former Welterweight champion stated that the YouTuber acted “like a kid in a playground when they know they didn’t really win.” He added: “Most people that watched the fight felt like I won the fight. I really didn’t walk away a loser in the fight.”

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Jake Paul fights Tyron WoodleyAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Jake Paul notably faced off against Tyron Woodley in August, winning the bout by split decision.

With a rematch not looking likely, Woodley noted that he’s the “only free agent in combat sports” and can do whatever he wants.

He’ll be stepping back into the MMA before long, but who knows if he’ll be strapping the boxing gloves on anytime soon.

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