Tyson Fury threatens to ‘backhand’ Logan & Jake Paul ahead of Tommy Fury fight

Connor Bennett
Tyson Fury talking to camera next to Jake PaulYouTube: BT Sport/Instagram: Jake Paul

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury threatened to hit Logan and Jake Paul with the back of his hand as the build-up to Jake’s fight with Tommy Fury ramps up. 

When Jake Paul and Tommy Fury kicked off their online war of words, many fans doubted that the pair would ever lock horns in the middle of the boxing ring given Jake was fighting former MMA stars and basketball players.

Tommy appeared on the undercard of Jake’s win over Tyron Woodley, and after picking a win up himself, the Brit has become the next challenger to the YouTuber’s undefeated boxing streak.

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Given he’s got some world-class boxing pedigree on his side in the form of brother Tyson Fury and dad John, the feud has developed into a full-on family affair. Tyson, the two-time heavyweight champion, has come under fire from both Jake and his brother Logan who have claimed they’ll step into the ring with him – though, he’s having none of it.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury officially announcedTwitter: Jake Paul / SHOWTIME PPV
Tommy and Jake are set to fight on December 18.

The 33-year-old was, once again, in the firing line during November 24 press conference for Jake and Tommy’s December 18th clash, where he had some choice words for the YouTubers.

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After Jake took shots at Tommy, John, and Tyson, the latter fired back with a threat. “I’ve been brought in to be abused, have I? F**king hell, I’ve done nothing. I’ve been brought in to be abused by some f**king p**sies,” he said.

“Listen, I will take the back of my hand to him and his brother and his whole family and his bl**job trainer as well, BJ Flores. They’re not fighters, and when Tommy knocks him into next week then knocks his brother into next week, you’ll find out.”

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Timestamp of 16:10

As the part online, part in-person press conference descended into shouting and further threats, Tyson did poke fun at Jake for not promoting the bout. “He hasn’t really done anything. I’m waiting for this master of sales to do something,” he quipped.

Jake stated that the heavyweight champion has done more to sell the fight than his brother, but they’ll settle things in the ring, in Florida rather than over the microphone.

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