Jake Paul ‘calls out’ Tiger Woods after ranking in Google’s most-searched athletes

YouTube: Jake Paul, SHOWTIME / Wikimedia Commons: Keith Allison

YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul has just issued a “challenge” toward professional golfer Tiger Woods after ranking in Google’s Top 10 most searched athletes of 2021.

Jake Paul is shaking up the world of combat sports one boxing match at a time. Jumping from the life of a full-time influencer to becoming a boxer with a 4-0 pro record, Paul has garnered international attention for his exploits… and he’s not throwing in the towel anytime soon.

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Most recently, Paul defeated five-time former UFC champ Tyron Woodley by split-decision and is set to face off against the mixed martial artist once again for a rematch on December 18.

After that, though, it looks like Paul has his eyes set on even greater heights… one of which could include American pro golfer Tiger Woods.

Jake Paul fights Tyron WoodleyAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Jake Paul will face off against Tyron Woodley in a rematch on December 18.

Jake Paul lands in Google’s most searched athletes of 2021

With 2021 coming to a close, quite a few Google users are checking out the search engine’s most Googled celebrities, moments, and even athletes.

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It turns out that Jake Paul has actually landed on this list within the United States, coming in at 10th place among names like Simone Biles and Odell Beckham Jr.

However, ranking at #1 is none other than golf legend Tiger Woods… and Jake Paul may have spotted an opportunity unlike any other if one of his tweets is anything to go by.

Tiger Woods most searched athlete google US 2021Wikimedia Commons, Jim Epler
Tiger Woods landed in first place for most-searched athletes on Google within the United States.

Jake Paul calls out Tiger Woods after landing in most searched athletes

On December 8, Paul tweeted out his findings from Google Trends, appearing to hint that a boxing match against Tiger Woods could be a majorly profitable (and viral) venture.

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“Google Trends Top 10 most searched Athletes of 2021,” Paul wrote. “Looking like a Jake Paul vs. Tiger Woods fight in 2022.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Jake faced off against a former pro athlete and non-boxer; in November 2020, the ‘Problem Child’ notably defeated the NBA’s Nate Robinson by knockout.

Although this is a definite reach for Paul (and likely just a big joke), it certainly would make for quite the spectacle, leaving fans anxious for some sort of response from Woods, who has not commented at the time of writing.

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