Shroud explains why New World’s next update will make or break the game

shroud-new-world-patch-make-or-breakAmazon Games / Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek told fans he’s looking forward to December’s New World update, but he admitted that it could be the beginning of the end if it is as buggy as the recent patch 1.1.

Shroud is one of the few popular streamers still invested in the New World grind. He said that he doesn’t mind if it hurts his viewership. In fact, it’s something he expects, given the nature of watching MMORPGs.

Still, he thinks it’s the best MMORPG to play right now and vowed to keep playing it. However, he has some concerns about its future.

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In November 2021, he praised Amazon Games for “getting their act together” in recent updates. But after Patch 1.1 introduced another slew of bugs, he believes that the next major update could make or break the game.

new-world-void-gauntlet-ptrAmazon Games
New World’s latest patch introduced new content and weapons, along with some bugs.

“What about the new Water Mark system December patch? I can’t wait,” he said. “Awesome changes. It’s going to make the game more fun. Finally, something good finally comes out of a New World update.”

He admitted that he thought the Void Gauntlet update was “pretty good.” However, he explained that it came with “a lot of bugs,” and if that happens again, New World will be in dire straits.

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“If there’s another update with more bugs and exploits and sh*t, people are going to lose their mind,” he said. “They’re going to lose it. They’ve got to come out clean with it, or else it’s GG.”

New World’s December update is currently live on the Public Test Realm (PTR). It is expected to last several weeks until the developers are confident the update is fine-tuned enough to be used on the main servers.

In the meantime, New World’s player is continuing to decline. We’ll have to wait and see whether the update has a positive or negative impact on those numbers.

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