Shroud explains why New World’s hardest feature makes it best MMO to play

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek explained why the fact New World doesn’t hold your hand, which some consider its hardest feature, is part of what makes it the best MMORPG to play right now.

Shroud has expressed positive feelings towards New World time and time again. He said it’s his favorite game to stream, vowed to keep playing it despite its issues, and praised the devs for doing their best to fix some problems.

That doesn’t mean he thinks it’s perfect, nor does it mean he thinks it will survive based on its current trajectory. However, he does believe the fact it doesn’t hold your hand makes it more fun compared to other MMOs.

New World doesn’t guide players as much as other MMORPGs.

“What I’ve noticed about this game is it keeps you active,” said Shroud. “So, if you just expect to have the game tell you what you should do… I think with this game it’s a little different because it doesn’t hold your hand.”

He elaborated on that point further, saying: “If you expect the game to tell you what to do, it’s not. You just have to figure it out.” He believes “that’s where the fun comes in,” which makes it different from other MMOs.

“I think a lot of people end up doing nothing because they don’t know what to do,” he added. “But if they just stop and think for a second and do a little bit of extra searching of what to do, soul searching if you will, that’s the play.”

Shroud isn’t the only one to hold that view. A player on the official forums wrote: “The content is this game is what you make it. It doesn’t hold your hand and tell you ‘go do this thing right now.’ It gives you choices.”

Some agreed while other New World players don’t. But it’s clear that Shroud feels the same way, and he’s still enjoying the experience so far.