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New World TikTok trick creates the perfect PvP weapon combo

Published: 15/Nov/2021 22:09

by Connor Knudsen


One New World TikToker has just discovered an insane new PvP weapon combo that will leave enemies clueless.

New World’s PvP is one of its most fun and innovative elements, featuring wars, Outpost Rush, and duels, with even more on the way soon.

Players are constantly looking for the best weapons to use in PvP to give themselves and their factions the edge when duking it out.

One TikTok user has just found a new combo that looks to be one of the most lethal out there, featuring two weapons not typically considered to be as elite for PvP.


New World TikTok shows off perfect PvP weapon combo

rapier new world
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The Rapier is one of the most fun close-combat weapons in New World, and this player shows us just how effective it can be.

One New World player has found an incredibly effective PvP weapon combination, utilizing the crowd control and high DPS of the Rapier and the Spear.

The result is an almost instantaneous death to their opponent and appears to be performed without any exploits.

TikTok creator zybaktv originally created the video which has since surpassed over 13,000 likes and over 282,000 views. They justifiably called it the “Cleanest combo in New World.”

@zybaktv Cleanest Combo in New World – Rapier + Spear PvP #newworld #newworldgame #MMO #MMORPG #PvP #gaming #combo ♬ original sound – ZybakTV

The combo starts with the Rapier equipped, getting the weapons many debuffs applied along with a significant amount of damage.

After that, the player dodges back, pulls out their Spear, and uses back-to-back stuns to finish off their opponent. All in all, the bout took less than 12 seconds to complete, a mark any PvP player would be excited about.


Getting a build like this right for PvP involves extensive leveling to make sure your Mastery Trees have as much value as possible, as well as having a decent bit of skill to execute the dodge and weapon swap properly.

To help get your Spear and Rapier up to snuff like this player, make sure and check out our extensive weapon guides as well as our tier list to the best overall weapons in New World for both PvP and PvE.