New World reinstates the Trading Post following gold exploit fix

Connor Knudsen
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After a long couple of days without it, New World devs have finally reinstated the Trading Post, claiming the gold duplication exploit is fixed.

New World, despite its impressive player count and being developed by Amazon Games, has had a laundry list of issues since its release.

Starting with server wait times, moving to PvP and invincibility exploits, and finally rounding it out with a massive gold duplication exploit that caused the Trading Post to be taken down, the game seems to move from one issue to the next.

But, at least for the time being, the Trading Post and all forms of gold transference are back online.

New World Trading Post back online

A screenshot of a Settlement in New World
New World buyers and sellers rejoice as they can once again flip their Iron Ore for huge profits!

In a post to the New World forums on November 3, developers confirmed that the Trading Post and all forms of gold transfer have been reinstated to the game after almost two days of being offline.

As of the time of this article’s release, all regions’ maintenance is complete and server’s are back online.

new world devs
Devs have confirmed that server maintenance for the Trading Post is complete as of roughly 12:00 AM on November 3.

This fix covers a large number of things in-game. Most notably, the Trading Post will be back and fully functional, settlements can upgrade as usual, and players can trade with one another again.

This fix comes at a great time, as the New World player base has just about had enough of the game’s issues, as evident when looking at the often gloomy New World subreddit.

Memes and funny quips aside, the community has grown increasingly frustrated with the game’s many issues.

It continues to seem like once one problem is fixed, another one is unearthed. Like the new gold exploit players found as soon as the Trading Post went down, for example.

But, despite the litany of issues, credit must be given to developers for staying the course and continuing to fix their game. Most issues have been at least addressed quickly, if not fixed as well.

We will continue to provide any updates on the ramifications of this fix as we hope, alongside many others, that this is a solution that sticks for New World.

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