New World players call for “Trade Runs” to improve economy

Connor Knudsen

New World’s economy has been a bit of a hot point lately, but one player may have found a solution to the problem in the form of Trade Runs.

New World, Amazon Games’ new MMO, has maintained an impressive amount of momentum since its release, continuing to net more than 1.5 million daily players.

Despite those impressive numbers, the game has continued to remind fans that it is a new release and with it comes some core gameplay issues.

For many, chief among these problems is the game’s broken economy and lack of diverse PvP. But, the community is rallying behind an idea that just might be the solution we’ve been waiting for.

New World players love the idea of Trade Runs, but what are they?

new world
New World players want more PvP and fixes for the economy. Is Trade Runs a solution?

The New World community has recently taken to forums backing the idea of Trade Runs, and many are beginning to support the idea.

This began on October 20 when a Reddit post to the New World subreddit blew up in support of the idea which aims to create a new quest mechanic in the game.

The post below even inspired another player to take to the New World forums, where many have flocked to continue fleshing out the new idea.

Essentially, the suggestion is that Amazon Games adds a new mechanic to New World where players would have to craft a pack and travel with it to another city, with the reward scaling based on distance traveled.

But, one of the most interesting aspects of the idea is that players could flag for PvP while doing so to receive an even larger reward or opt to remain safe and get less.

Doing so would add a whole new element of PvP to the game, with some maybe choosing to camp major roads as raiders and others getting caravans and traveling in packs to guarantee safety.

The new form of quest would not only help spice PvP up, but it would also help to combat the many economic issues the game currently has. Not to mention giving those in the end-game something else to do at max level.

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