New World invincibility exploit discovered & it’s game-breaking

new world warAmazon Games

A new exploit has been discovered in New World that makes players invincible. The game-breaking bug has stirred up a commotion, with the community wanting an emergency fix out as soon as possible.

Invincibility has always been a popular cheat in single-player video games because it has no effect on anybody else. Take Skyrim for example, where you could use a console command to turn God Mode on and wreak havoc across the land without so much as getting a single scratch. But when it happens in multiplayer titles, it’s a whole different story.

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Amazon Games’ popular MMO, New World, is the latest online game to be affected by such an exploit, with players using it to avoid death in crucial situations like wars, making them unwinnable for the other Faction. The community is urging devs to either pull servers down for maintenance or implement an emergency patch.

New World “God Mode” has broken the game

The exploit was first posted to the official New World forums by ‘Inkassokrav’ on October 17, where they explained just how the glitch is affecting gameplay and becoming a nightmare for players, especially in PVP.

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“You can become invincible whenever you want and never die,” they wrote. “This also works in wars, making taking points easy for the ones that use this exploit because they can never die but still cap the point regardless while their backline takes out the other team. This needs to be fixed, people are exploiting this in wars on a ton of servers already and it makes holding zones impossible if you do not exploit yourself.”

The user also shared a YouTube video and an exact step-by-step walkthrough of how to replicate the bug, with players confirming themselves just how much of an advantage it gives.

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new world invincibility exploitNew World Forum
The bug is causing headaches for players.

The forum exploded with fans urging Amazon Games to fix the exploit, with comments like, “Needs to be fixed otherwise this will destroy the game for many players,” and, “Definitely needs to be fixed ASAP. Otherwise the only way to defend your territories against exploiters will be to have to exploit yourself.”

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It caused such a stir that news of the glitch leaked over to social media, with popular players and streamers joining in on the demand for a patch. “With the several invincibility via latency bugs floating around, you need to disable wars ASAP or do emergency maintenance,” streamer Gothalion tweeted to the official New World account. “Too much of the game revolves around territory and too many players are willing to exploit. They are too simple to recreate.”

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Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek also weighed in, replying with, “It’s a damn mess out there.”

Amazon Games has yet to respond to the discovery of the New World exploit or fix it, causing some players to run riot in the game.

We’ll update you once or if they do, but for now, it’s best to stay clear of any PVP situations so you’re not losing unfairly.

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