New World server issues lead to angry Steam reviews

Lloyd Coombes
New World reviews

New World is finally here, but it would be fair to say that launch hasn’t gone smoothly for Amazon Game Studios MMO – and player reviews paint a frustrating picture.

After no fewer than four delays, Amazon’s New World has arrived – sort of. That’s because despite the MMO finally launching, its servers are under considerable strain, forcing players into queueing systems to get in.

That’s not uncommon with the launch of a new MMO, but with Amazon’s near-infinite resources, fans are wondering if New World’s launch could have been handled better – and have said as much on the game’s Steam reviews.

Once you’re in, though, it’s clear that New World offers a new contender for the list of best MMOs.


New World Steam reviews
Once New World is running properly, fans should be able to engage in large-scale PvP battles

New World Steam player reactions

As reported by VGC, New World hit over 700,000 players on launch day, but not all of them will have gone away with positive impressions.

One Steam reviewer said “Amazon owns AWS, the biggest Server farm in the world, they host Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. Yet they can’t spare enough server capacity to launch their flagship game,” following up with saying they’re “very disappointed.”

Another jokingly suspects that the game’s queue system is intended to keep players locked in for two hours or more so that they can’t refund it via Steam, while others bemoaned the staggered launch that meant US players hopped onto EU servers just to nab the character name they wanted.

On that, one reviewer also noted that no, Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO), is not an available name in-game – and nor is Beff Jezos.

There are some positive responses, though, from those lucky (or stubborn) enough to get onto a server.

One review says “one of the better MMO’s I’ve played. Towns and areas with high player count can get quite laggy. I average 80/90 frames on average, but in the towns it drops to 45 (2060 super).”

“Other than that flaw, which hopefully will be lessened as they continue developing and optimizing the game, I have really enjoyed this game and highly recommend it to anyone who likes MMO’s or grindy gameplay mechanics.”

Another review positively compared New World to Ultima Online, while multiple reviews noted that the game looks great – provided your PC can run it.

Where are New World reviews from critics?

While players have been able to log their reviews on Steam, things are a little different for media outlets – including yours truly at Dexerto.

Amazon didn’t offer early access for New World (outside of the beta), which is to be expected given its always-online nature. As a result, we’ll have our review in progress live in the next day or so once we’ve gotten into a server and spent some time with the game.

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