Dr Disrespect explains why he refuses to play New World “for even five seconds”

Dr Disrespect stares at New World during YouTube stream.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Amazon Games

Dr Disrespect has shot down calls for him to play New World, admitting to his huge YouTube fanbase that he has absolutely no interest in playing the popular Amazon MMO RPG “for even five seconds,” despite the online craze the game has whipped up since its release.

New World has been the hot topic in the gaming world these past few weeks ⁠— monster Twitch data leak aside ⁠— after it finally dropped on September 28.

Since then, Twitch and YouTube stars have swarmed into Aeternum to try Amazon’s ambitious World of Warcraft rival. As more and more players got their hands on the MMO RPG, and made it through brutal queue times, reviews started rolling in: Shroud warned it’s “not for casuals,” while Asmongold simply dubbed it “boring.”

Here at Dexerto, we were a little more impressed; Amazon’s title has solid building blocks. It needs “something more,” however, to really push it into the upper echelons of online fantasy roleplaying. Only then will it challenge genre veterans like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy.

There’s one star that simply refuses to play it, however: Dr Disrespect is adamant he has “no interest at all” in playing, even as it takes the internet by storm.

Dr Disrespect gamesYouTube: DrDisrespect
Travelling to Aeternum in New World is just a step too far for Dr Disrespect.

Dr Disrespect has been all at sea with what to stream recently. His top fave, Warzone, is awash with hackers and a content slowdown ahead of Vanguard. The two-time switched to Apex Legends for a time, but that too faded. He’s also flirted with Battlefield and Halo, but they’ve not actually out yet.

Despite all that, he’s “never” playing New World, he proclaims.

“Yeah New World, I can’t watch five seconds of that. I just can’t play that game for even five seconds,” he said, before explaining why he’s avoiding the Amazon release 

“I can’t sit in my seat, and watch someone chop trees and bricks. Everyone runs around with fifty million other people trying to update levels by zero-point-five percent that is casted to the end of their stick that lets them do electrical charges on some sort of wolf creature on the east side of the map.

“I don’t know… it’s hard for me to get invested [in New World’s gameplay loops],” the two-time continued, “and that means I have no drive to want to play it.”

This is far from the first time Dr Disrespect has made his disdain for MMORPGs known either; at the height of the WoW Classic hype in 2019, the two-time declared he would “never” touch the famous Blizzard game.

The then-Twitch streamer was very clear about his WoW stance: “I ain’t playing no top-down, cute, seventh grade, ball pit, Chuck E Cheese, wannabee game called World of Warcraft.

“You got thirty thousand other people doing the exact same thing. All running around de-synced and pinged out of your mind. Everybody thinks it’s cool we’re living back in 2001,” the two-time continued in his rant against Blizzard’s MMO. “That ain’t the case, not on my channel. Not now, or ever.”

That same mentality seems to hold true for Dr Disrespect when it comes to playing New World too; don’t expect the YouTuber to load into Aeternum anytime soon.