Shroud explains why casual New World players should “stay away” from the game

Shroud explains why casual New World players should “stay away” from the gameAmazon Game Studios / Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek explained why the New World experience might not be so fun for casual players who don’t have the time for MMORPGs, and he even urged them to “stay away.”

New World is finally here, and although the servers have been subject to long queue times due to the sheer number of players, those who made it in are already putting hours into the grind.

Shroud and his friends are among those players. He’s already played the launch version for more than ten hours, and is devoted to the grind.

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However, he claims the nature of the game might not be the best fit for casual players.

New World Inn teleportAmazon Game Studios
New World’s popularity is soaring, but not everyone can make it onto a server.

“For those that just don’t have the time, I would just say stay away from the game,” he said.

“If you don’t have the time, just don’t play. If you can only play this game for an hour a day, I don’t think you’ll ever make it to the end.”

He explained that casual players will “always be playing catch up,” even after hitting the max level.

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“There’s going to be content for a new zone with new gear. You’re finally going to hit max level, start getting the basic gear, and then you’re like, ‘oh sh*t!’”

To make things easier, he suggested the developers should add some sort of catch-up mechanic. However, nothing like that exists yet, so casual players will have to resign to the fact they’ll be behind the curve.

Given how popular the game is proving to be, casual players will inevitably be a part of the numbers. But depending on how much they care about being up to speed with hardcore players, they can pace themselves.

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In the meantime, players are still fighting for spots on their servers. The developers have been releasing new servers in waves to tackle the problem. However, the demand is high, and as a result, queue times are long.

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