Dr Disrespect has the most savage response to Twitch’s huge earnings leaks

Twitch logo on phone next to Dr Disrespect streaming on YouTube.Twitch / YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has waded into the ongoing Twitch leaks discussions as only the Doc can, dishing out a scathing response to the news his old streaming platform ⁠— from which he’s been banned since 2020 ⁠— had its entire core code leaked online in a massive security breach.

On October 6, the entirety of Twitch’s source code leaked online. That’s right, the whole streaming website’s backend, including processes, subscription coding, and how much each and every streaming star makes every month.

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While some, like Asmongold, have already moved to deny the leaked earnings, Dexerto understands the numbers are relatively accurate, to within the thousands for most personalities.

Naturally, the torrent of leaked info spread around the internet like wildfire, with viewers eager to see how much their favorite stars are raking in. Topping the list was roleplaying show Critical Role ($9.6m earned since late 2019), while xQc blew fans away with his mighty $752k payout last September.

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The news soon reached Dr Disrespect, who was busy streaming his Battlefield 2042 early access, and let’s just say the former Twitch star wasn’t too impressed.

Dr Disrespect on YouTube streamYouTube: Dr Disrespect
The two-time fired off a barb after one of his fans brought up the Twitch leaks.

Dr Disrespect himself was included in the leaks, though the YouTube star was listed under the marker “_unknown_” in Twitch’s database. Dexerto can confirm the eleventh earner is him, as their string codes (17337557) are the same.

That means between September 2019 and his blindside-ban in August 2020, the Doc made $2,863,780.63 USD while streaming, before taxes.

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⁠When he was asked about the “purple snake” leaks ⁠— the Doc’s pet nickname for Twitch following his permanent suspension from the platform ⁠— the two-time had a sharp response already loaded in the chamber.

“The purple snake leaks? I don’t f**king care!” he snapped.

The two-time is currently suing Twitch after uncovering the reason for his ban earlier this year. His original Twitch deal would have ended last month.

Related segment begins at 27:09 in video below.

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Dr Disrespect has only rarely spoken about “the purple snake” since being barred from the platform a year ago, though he has claimed if he was still on the website he would be “streaming for 100 thousand, daily”. The star has no ambitions to return, however, while his lawsuit is ongoing.

While a Twitch return is off the cards, the Doc may soon have another home; he has been very vocal about wanting to lead Netflix’s streaming arm recently.

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