Dr Disrespect roasts World of Warcraft Classic community in explosive rage

Eli Becht

World of Warcraft Classic bandwagon but had no problem with mocking players in a fit of rage that perfectly summed up his thoughts on the game.

WoW Classic released to the masses on August 26 and quickly shot to the top of Twitch, reaching over one million viewers shortly after the servers opened.

Many of the big streamers have given the game a shot like Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek, Tim ‘TimTheTatman‘ Betar, and much more as they try to recapture the feelings of their childhood but Doc wasn’t having any of it.

Twitch/Dr DisrespectDoc shredded WoW Classic players.

The Two-Time has an opinion on just about everything in the gaming world so it’s no surprise he chimed in on this one, especially considering the extreme popularity surrounding it.

While watching a brief clip of Classic, he quickly showed his displeasure as he mocked players killing a monster before exploding into a tirade.

“Get this fucking shit off my game!” he yelled. “Get it off my computer! Get it out of my life!”

It was expected that Doc wouldn’t find a lot to like with WoW Classic as it doesn’t fit his quota of speed, violence, and momentum, so this reaction isn’t all that surprising.

Classic is a game that really leans into the grind and it’s missing many quality of life features like dungeon finders and quest markers, making it a game you really have to dedicate yourself to.

Doc has always been more of a battle royale/FPS type of guy since he first burst onto the scene but has dabbled into other things in the past, notably Sea of Thieves for a stream or two.

One thing that viewers are missing out on is his production quality if he ever did give World of Warcraft a shot.

He always puts on a show for his stream so it would’ve been interesting to see what he could’ve cooked up for a game with lore as deep as WoW.

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