Asmongold left stunned after New World stream sniper pulls off perfectly-timed roast

. 8 months ago
Asmongold looking at New World fire mage
Twitch: Asmongold / Amazon Games

Twitch star ‘Asmongold’ is no stranger to stream snipers, but he was caught off-guard by one viewer on New World, who wandered past him on Aeternum at perfect intervals to roast the streamer.

For Twitch’s biggest stars like Asmongold, stream sniping is a pretty regular occurrence ⁠— no matter if he is playing World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, or New World.

Random players come along to meme on him, trying to elicit a reaction. While most of them can be pretty easily brushed off, one eager sniper was adamant in getting into Asmongold’s head during his November 10 stream.

Asmongold staring into Twitch streaming camera.
Twitch: Asmongold
Asmongold can’t stop getting stream sniped in New World.

Asmongold was having a deep discussion with his chat about exploits in New World, and what Amazon Games needs to do to fix the game.

“There are certain types of exploits that a person could potentially do and not really know they’re exploits because they don’t really understand the game that well,” he said. “Dev oversight? Yeah I think so. I think it’s definitely an issue in many cases.”

As he got to answering the viewer’s question though, a random player came running by with a simple burn on proximity chat: “Yeah but who asked tho?”

Asmongold stared in shock as the player ventured off into the distance to fight some mobs.

“That’s one of the guilds that gets accused a lot of exploiting on my server, and apparently he took it personally,” he explained. “I didn’t say you guys were cheating! I don’t f**king know. He was about to come back to say some sh*t again!”

True to Asmon’s word, the player came back to dig in again: “Shut up baldy.”

Asmongold gets stream sniped on New World
Twitch: Asmongold
The stream sniper didn’t just come and go, he came back with more banter for Asmongold.

The streamer did praise the stream sniper’s tech to make sure the encounter wasn’t too awkward. “You saw him turn around right? He had to stop, he had to type it out, and then auto-run so it wouldn’t be weird whenever he stopped.”

It didn’t derail Asmongold’s conversation on New World’s cheating (and exploit) problems, with the streamer getting back into it without skipping a beat.

For the stream sniper though, they had their 15 seconds of fame before getting told to “go back to Adin Ross’ chat”.

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