Asmongold begs “cringe” Twitch fans to stop stream sniping him in New World beta

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Asmongold begs "cringe" Twith fans to stop stream sniping him in New World beta
Twitch: Asmongold / Amazon

Asmongold’s experience in the New World closed beta has been marred by ‘attention-seeking’ stream snipers who are following him around trying to get their moment of fame on Twitch, and he begged them to stop.

Despite blasting the New World developers for “handicapping” players, Asmongold decided to give it another go during the closed beta. And thanks to himself and other popular streamers, it has taken over Twitch.

However, he’s already run into the same problem he experienced when he embarked on a new journey in Final Fantasy XIV Online. Stream snipers followed him around non-stop for a chance to appear in the spotlight.

And now they’re doing it again.

Amazon New World MMORPG Closed Beta
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The New World closed beta is officially live!

Asmongold didn’t tolerate it then, and he isn’t willing to tolerate it now. “Please stop following me around like a little weirdo,” he said to one stream sniper in particular. “Stop it, man. Leave me the f**k alone.” However, his efforts didn’t seem to dissuade the determined fan. 

“I hope he stops. I just want to be left alone and have fun playing my game, man. Not have people run after me looking for attention. Who would want that? Think about it from my perspective. How do you think that makes me feel?”

Fortunately, Asmongold still managed to have a reasonably enjoyable time playing the game.

In fact, he described it as “so much fun,” which is a far cry from comments he’s made in the past. So, he’ll almost certainly be back.