NBA 2K24: How to complete 91 OVR Mirage Tracy McGrady Collection in MyTeam

Tracy McGrady in NBA 2K242K

Here’s a breakdown on the cost of each card needed in order to get 91 OVR Mirage Tracy McGrady in NBA 2K24 MyTeam, and where to get each one.

On September 15, 2K released the new Mirage promo in NBA 2K24 MyTeam. With that promo came a new 91 OVR Mirage Tracy McGrady that can be obtained as a collection reward.

McGrady should be a welcome addition to many MyTeam players, thanks to his A+ Three-Point Shot and strong overall stats.

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Here’s how MyTeam players can add “T-Mac” to the team.

91 OVR Tracy McGrady Mirage stats in NBA 2K242K

Trace McGrady Collection in NBA 2K24 MyTeam

In order to complete the Mirage Tracy McGrady collection in NBA 2K24 and get the 91 OVR card, one will need to get 15 different cards in MyTeam.

These are the 15 required cards for the “T-Mac” collection, and the cost to get each from the Player Market:

90 OVR Mirage Scottie Pippen140,000 MT/100,000 VC
90 OVR Mirage Derrick Rose140,000 MT/100,000 VC
87 OVR Mirage Karl Malone70,000 MT/50,000 VC
87 OVR Mirage DeMarcus Cousins70,000 MT/50,000 VC
87 OVR Mirage Kyle Korver70,000 MT/50,000 VC
86 OVR Mirage Jameer Nelson16,800 MT/12,000 VC
85 OVR Mirage Jason Richardson16,800 MT/12,000 VC
85 OVR Mirage Andrea Bargnani16,800 MT/12,000 VC
83 OVR Mirage Chris Kaman7,000 MT/5,000 VC
83 OVR Mirage James Posey7,000 MT/5,000 VC
82 OVR Mirage Chris Andersen7,000 MT/5,000 VC
82 OVR Mirage Nick Van Exel7,000 MT/5,000 VC
79 OVR Mirage Stromile Swift3,500 MT/2,500 VC
79 OVR Mirage Hakim Warrick3,500 MT/2,500 VC
78 OVR Mirage Bobby Jackson3,500 MT/2,500 VC

To buy all the cards needed off the Player Market, it would cost 578,900 MT.

Alternatively, these players can be found in packs.

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