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NBA 2K22 TikTok uncovers “game-breaking” best badges

Published: 11/Nov/2021 21:05

by Connor Knudsen


Whether you need to drain threes or just break some ankles, one NBA 2K22 TikToker has found some of the best badges for a stellar guard build.

The latest 2K Games basketball title, NBA 2K22, offers a ton of great ways to experience the classic franchise.

Players can challenge others with their custom-built characters in MyCareer or take to building a dynasty in MyTeam.

For those headed down the MyCareer route, one TikTok user has a Guard build that looks to be well worth checking out, showing off some incredible handling and shooting potential in a viral video.

NBA 2K22 TikTok shows off insane shooting and handling

luka doncic shooting
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NBA 2K22 is all about mastering the jump shot, just as this player shows us.

In a TikTok posted by user realgrindingdf, the customized MyPlayer is shown hitting some seriously deep threes and cutting the opposing defender up with some slick dribble moves.


The video sits at over an impressive 48,000 likes and has over 700 comments, at the time of writing, putting plenty of people on notice about this insane build.

While the video is taken on a current-gen console, this is one that all players will need to keep their eyes on moving forward, showing shades of a demi-god on the court.

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Towards the end of the video, the creator shows exactly how they achieved such a build.

Below are the following badges they put into Playmaking and Shooting to get their impressive results.

Best NBA 2K22 badges

Shooting Badges

  • HOF Blinders
  • HOF Hot Zone Hunter
  • Gold Deadeye
  • Silver Limitless Spot-Up
  • HOF Chef
  • HOF Stop & Pop
  • HOF Green Machine

Playmaking Badges

  • Gold Ankle Breaker
  • Silver Bail Out
  • HOF Bullet Passer
  • HOF Handles for Days
  • HOF Quick First Step
  • Silver Tight Handles
  • HOF Hyperdrive
  • Bronze Unpluckable

If you’re looking to create a dominant Point Guard like this one, make sure to check out our guide to building the best Guard, as well as our favorite build at each position on the floor.


We also have some suggestions for some great badges to use in MyCareer, if you want to deviate a bit from what this player has done.

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