Best 2K22 builds for Point Guard & Shooting Guard

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NBA 2K22 Point Guard and Shooting Guard players are always looking for the best builds to drain threes and break ankles. Here’s a quick guide to help get you on your way in MyCareer on both current-gen and next-gen consoles.

NBA 2K22 has recently been released, and players are already getting their created MyCareer players to staggering levels.

With all kinds of different build types at each position, sometimes deciding what you want to commit to for your MyPlayer can be a difficult choice. This becomes even tougher when spending extra money on VC gets involved.

So, for you Guards out there, here are some of our favorite builds, and guides on how to make them, to help get you on your way in 2K22.

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damian lillard 2k222K Games
Dolla Dame is a picturesque Playmaking Shot Creator

Best Playmaking Shot Creator builds for Point Guard & Shooting Guard

The 2K meta is always one that is subjective and may cause some disagreements here and there, but in 2K22 one build seems to stand above the rest, almost unanimously. That is the Playmaking Shot Creator archetype.

This build centers around two stat categories, Shooting, and Playmaking, with an offensive emphasis. Playmaking Shot Creators can expect to be able to dish the ball with ease, employ some nasty dribble moves, and drain threes on repeat.

For how fun this build is to play and how many icons, like Damian Lillard, resemble this, it’s no wonder it’s a popular one.

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Getting this build right isn’t too tough, but there are a few nuances that should help players to maximize their stats, especially on the more involved next-gen player builder.

Current gen build

  • Position: Point Guard
  • Pie charts: The Playmaking and Shooting pie chart (green and orange split) is a must for this build, along with the Agility-focused Physical Profile. These ensure your player will have the stats needed to move around the court quickly and with ease while draining shots.
  • Stat potential: The only points that should be spent on Finishing here should go into Driving Dunk and Driving Layup. The rest of your points should go towards maxing out both Playmaking and Shooting to their fullest amounts, with the rest going into Defense, preferably in thins like Perimeter Defense and Steals. You can mix these up a bit if you want more Defensive badges, however, this build should be offense first.
  • Height, Weight, Wingspan: This can vary heavily, but generally you want to be below 6’4″ and under 190 lbs to keep Speed high. Wingspan is all up to you, go higher for more Defense/Rebounding and lower to ensure you’re hitting those green’s when you pull up for three.
  • Takeover: Spot Up Shooter will be your best bet on this build, as you’re going to want to take over games with scoring first and foremost.

Next-gen build

  • Position: Point Guard
  • Height, Weight, Wingspan: Stay short and light here, preferably under 6’4″ and 180 lbs. in order to get maximum Speed. Wingspan will depend on how much Defense/Rebounding you want, but a good baseline is around 6’8″ to allow for Shooting to remain high enough to consistently get good shots.
  • Stat potential: The easiest place to start is Shooting, where you’ll max out Mid-Range Shot and Three-Point Shot. The one thing that will change based on playstyle is the Free Throw stat. If you play in The Rec, you’ll need some stats here, otherwise, it can remain at its minimum. From there, commit heavily to Playmaking and Physicals. There’s a lot of room to play around here, but don’t needlessly max out every stat. Look for what Gold and HOF badges you unlock at different caps and use that to be as efficient as possible. After you’ve done that, there should be room leftover for some Finishing and Defense/Rebounding, again, just dependent on your personal playstyle.
  • Takeover: Limitless Range is a must here, otherwise, the Secondary Takeover is up to you.

For this build and lots like it, 2K content creator, Choc, has a great video walking through some builds that are similar to this on next-gen with some great commentary.

klay thompson2Kratings, 2K Games
Klay Thompson is the true picture of a 2-Way Shooting Guard

Best 2-Way builds for Point Guard & Shooting Guard

If the Playmaking Shot Creator is the meta then a solid 2-Way player is the counter meta.

The basis of these types of builds is that you can put a great deal more points into Defense, while still keeping Shooting high, at the cost of some Playmaking. For Guards, we’re leaving the Slashing to Small Forwards and post-play to the big men.

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2-Way players are arguably the only thing that can stop a skilled playmaker and shooter, and are great for players that may not care to perform dribble moves as often. Think Klay Thompson, a 3 & D spot-up shooter, when you think of this build.

Names of these builds may vary slightly but look for “2-Way” somewhere in the name.

Current gen build

  • Position: Shooting Guard
  • Pie charts: For this one, you can go one of three ways. One, you can go full Defense (red) pie chart. Two, you can go fully split between Defense and Shooting (green). Three, you can go for the one that has slightly more Shooting than Defense. My personal preference is the middle split, as you want to stay as defensive as can be. Agility for Physical Profile.
  • Stat potential: First priorities here are Defense and Shooting, where you can max out everything related to the perimeter, meaning that things like Post Fade, Interior Defense, and Block can be left off. After that, max out Pass Accuracy and Ball Handle, with remaining stats going to those driving Finishing stats.
  • Height, Weight, Wingspan: Feel free to go taller here, maybe even 6’5″ or 6’6″ with around 175-180 lbs. 84.2″ is a great defensive wingspan that still keeps Shooting high, but feel free to knock it down some if you want to make sure your threes fly true.
  • Takeover: Spot Up Shooter for offense, Lockdown Defender for defense, plain and simple.

Next-gen build

  • Position: Shooting Guard
  • Height, Weight, Wingspan: Similar to current-gen, go a bit taller and bigger than the Shot Creators here, right around 6’5″ and 175 lbs with a 6’9″ wingspan, give or take an inch.
  • Stat potential: Shooting stats may seem low, but you just need Mid-Range and Three-Point to be in the mid to low 80’s. Physicals are vital, along with Perimeter Defense and Steal. From there, make sure you dish some out to Pass Accuracy, Driving Dunk, and Driving Layup, but only once you’ve got the rest of your bases covered. Remember, this is a 3 & D player, not one that needs to run point or dunk.
  • Takeover: I’d go double Spot Up Takeovers here, but feel free to adjust this based on your playstyle.

Each of these builds has a lot of room for interpretation and flexibility, all based on the playstyle and game modes of preference for each player. Make sure you know what your goals are before you go all-in with a VC purchase.

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