What player agent should you choose in NBA 2K22?

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Player choices are back in 2K Game’s latest installment within the NBA 2K series, and there’s some important ones that are going to dictate the overall story of the game such as the player agent you choose within NBA 2K22 MyCareer. 

NBA 2K22 has been one of the biggest surprises this year in gaming, mainly due to 2K finally listening to some of the complaints fans have had with the game throughout the years, making it one of the best 2K’s in recent memory.

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MyCareer is once again the premier game mode of players to dive into, as it’s been the staple for story-driven single-player modes within sports games, and 2K has implemented some changes to the game mode.

But, one aspect that hasn’t changed, is the numerous player choices within the game and we’re going to run over which agent you should pick for your MyPlayer.


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When making your MyCareer character, you’ll get immediately acquainted with this place.

What agent should I choose in NBA 2K22?

When you eventually get past the NCAA March Madness tournament, your player will begin to evolve into an NBA player, and at a certain point, you’ll need to make some choices that will affect some of the outcomes within the story.

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One of these choices is the option to sign with either the Palmer Athletic Agency or Berry & Associates, and both of these agencies are going to offer different perks/bonuses depending on the lifestyle you want your MyPlayer to live.

Berry and associates 2K Games
Both firms are going to benefit players depending on how you’ll want to play the game.

Palmer Athletics is going to have an emphasis on the actual basketball components of the game, and therefore won’t have many bonuses for other activities such as social media and other side quests.

While on the flipside Berry & Associates is going to focus on missions outside of basketball, aspects such as fashion shows and the new rap careers are features you’ll be able to grow and expand if you sign with this agency.

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Below is a run down of the bonuses you’ll receive depending on the agency you sign with.

  • Palmer Athletics
    • +5,000 MVP Points
    • +25 Fundamentals
    • +25 Corporate
    • +25 Team Orientated
    • +25 NBA
  • Berry & Associates
    • +5,000 MVP Points
    • +25 Free Spirit
    • +25 Music
    • +25 Fashion
    • +25 Street

When it comes down to what agency you should choose, it really depends on if you just want to focus on the on-court action or want to venture into more off-the-court activities with Berry & Associates.

In the meantime, be sure to get up to speed with some other NBA 2K22 news with some of our guides listed below.

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