All Monster Hunter Now gathering & monster respawn times

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Monster Hunter Now Long SwordNiantic/Capcom

Knowing Monster Hunter Now gathering point and monster respawn times is incredibly useful, especially for those who wish to maximize their farming. So, here’s when the gathering points and monster spawns reset in Monster Hunter Now. 

Monster Hunter Now is filled with various monsters and gathering points that players can interact with. However, once a monster has been defeated or a resource has been collected in the game, you’ll need to wait for them to respawn. 

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In fact, if you wish to build the best Monster Hunter Now weapons and armor sets, you’ll need to farm plenty of Bonepiles, Mining nodes, and Vegetation spots. After all, these gathering spots drop rare items like Dragonite Ore, Carpenter Bugs, and Monster Bone+. 

So, here’s exactly when all the gathering points and monsters respawn in Monster Hunter Now. 


Monster Hunter Now gathering point respawn time

Monster Hunter Now Rathalos huntNiantic/Capcom
Monster Hunter Now gathering points are important for upgrading gear.

According to the Japanese Monster Hunter Now strategy website, large gathering points respawn every three hours after collection. Small collection points are rest every 15 minutes, but you’ll need to close down the app and reopen it. 

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Monster Hunter Now monster respawn time

Monster Hunter Now RathalosNiantic/Capcom
Monster Hunter Now large monsters respawn quicker at parks.

Large monsters will respawn every hour in large parks, which is one of the best places to farm monsters. If you don’t happen to have any monsters you wish to slay in your local park, it can be worth waiting for the biome to update and coming back later. 

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It’s important to note, that if you’re hunting outside of a large park, then monsters respawn every three hours

Monster Hunter Now biome rotation time

Monster Hunter Now desert biomeNiantic/Capcom
Monster Hunter Now biomes feature different monsters.

Monster Hunter Now biomes change daily at 9am, so you’ll find that one day your local area may be a desert region, while the next day it will switch to a swamp biome. Be sure to visit and gather from each biome to ensure you have plenty of upgrade materials. 

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So, there you have it, those are all the Monster Hunter Now gathering and monster respawn times. Make sure you check out our Monster Hunter page for all the latest news and guides. 

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