Minecraft streamer IntelEdits calls out Twitch over undisclosed ban

Julian Young
IntelEdits Minecraft YouTuber Banned Twitch No Explanation With Logo
YouTube: Intel Edits / Twitch

Popular Minecraft content creator ‘IntelEdits’ aired his frustrations with Twitch after the platform indefinitely banned him unexpectedly for violating their Terms of Service, which the YouTuber strongly denied.

Over the years, Twitch has been slammed time and time again for banning creators off the platform while offering unclear explanations for their suspensions or, in some cases, no explanation at all.

The platform’s ambiguity when it comes to handing out bans was once again thrust into the spotlight during the service’s major data leaks, which included a list of streamers who were had certain “do not ban” conditions attached to them.

In yet another instance of Twitch issuing unexpected bans, popular Minecraft YouTuber ‘IntelEdits’ was suspended from the platform for “serious violations of Twitch’s Terms of Service,” something the creator has vehemently disagreed with.

On October 9, Edits shared his situation with fans on Twitter. “My Twitch account was suspended, completely out of nowhere,” he revealed, while also expressing confusion about these events: “I have absolutely no idea what could cause this, I’ve never had any problems with Twitch in the past.”

The YouTuber also hit out at the streaming service for their handling of his ban, and claimed that while the platform said they had notified him of the “serious violations” in question, he had received no such communication.

“I’ve never received a single email from Twitch about any violations of [the] ToS. Literally nothing,” he added, and even provided screenshots of his email inbox showing several recent messages from Twitch, none of which contained any indication of his ban.

Edits pushed back further against the suspension, and argued that it had been handed out unfairly. “I’m family-friendly on-stream, I don’t use copyrighted music, and I’ve never said or done anything that would have jeopardized my channel.”

The Minecraft creator ended his thread with a plea to Twitch: “Please help ASAP.”

At the time of writing, IntelEdits’ Twitch channel remains banned, and the platform has not publicly responded to his tweets.

Twitch doesn’t publicly state reasons for bans and it’s on streamers to share them to let fans know they’re suspended, but in this case, IntelEdits can’t do so.