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TommyInnit crashes lie detector question regarding Dream Minecraft cheating scandal

Published: 28/Sep/2021 22:58

by Brent Koepp


Popular YouTuber TommyInnit bombed his lie detector test when asked about Dream’s infamous Minecraft speedrun cheating scandal. 

The 17-year-old YouTuber took a lie detector test with friends for a September 27 video and was asked a flurry of questions, including whether he believed Dream had intentionally lied about cheating in Minecraft.

However, TommyInnit crashed the test when giving his answers about the masked star. The British entertainer was also forced to share his true feelings about Dream’s musical career – and his responses were interesting, to say the least!

Minecraft YouTuber TommyInnit hooked up Lie Detector test
YouTube: Tom Simons
The Minecraft YouTuber was asked about Dream while taking a lie detector test.

TommyInnit’s response to Dream Minecraft drama question

In October 2020, Dream was accused of cheating by the Minecraft speedrunning community. While he vigorously refuted the claims for over a year, the masked star finally admitted to accidentally cheating in May 2021. In his apology letter, the 22-year-old explained he had left mods on by mistake.


Fellow SMP player and close friend TommyInnit was put in the hot seat about the scandal on September 27 when he was asked whether Dream had “intentionally” cheated in his controversial speedrun. The YouTuber flunked the test as being untruthful however when he answered with “no.”

Responding to the results, he explained “What the f**k. No, no, no. Dream, I believed when you explained it to me. He didn’t cheat!” His answer caused the room of his friends to erupt in laughter as he continued to deny that he had lied during the test.

(Topic starts at 05:38)

The YouTuber was also pressed on whether he actually enjoyed Dream’s venture into music. After failing the test again, he jokingly yelled, “But he made a song about a car! He said one song telling me to take off my f**king clothes!”


While the test was full of tense and uncomfortable questions, the whole video was meant in jest. Thankfully for TommyInnit, lie detectors have also been ruled as being unreliable by most experts, giving him an out on his Dream responses.