Dr Disrespect immediately regrets “ratio” challenge after Minecraft streamer Tubbo responds

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect and Tubbo side-by-side
Dr Disrespect/Tubbo

Dr Disrespect claimed that he would never be ratio’d on social media, but that didn’t last long as Minecraft star Tubbo stepped up to the plate once again. 

Getting the ratio over someone else on social media has become the go-to tactic of frequent commenters over the last year or so.

Put up what is perceived as a bad tweet, and the comments with less be filled with ‘ratio’ and ‘L’ as responders look to pick up more retweets and likes than the tweet they’re replying to.

Claiming you’ve never been ratio’d, or never will be, is just daring someone to step up to the plate as Minecraft stars like Tubbo and TommyInnit have proven time and time again. Though, going against Dr Disrespect is no easy feat.

Dr Disrespect talking on a live stream
YouTube: Dr Disrespect
Be it in Warzone or in the Twitter replies, The Doc isn’t to be messed with.

The former Twitch streamer now-turned YouTube star is formidable on social media. He’ll fire back at pretty much everyone, especially those who he games with on a regular basis.

Though, on September 23, he became the latest to lay down the ratio gauntlet. “I’ve never been out ratio’d. And I never will be,” The Two-Time stated, but it didn’t take long for him to regret that decision.

Fellow streamers like TimTheTatMan, Courage, and SypherPK tried to take The Doc’s crown but it was Tubbo who stole a march on him with a simple post of “Ratio old man.” The Minecraft YouTuber picked up nearly double the likes of Doc’s initial tweet, handing him the ratio.

Though, he didn’t stop there. Tubbo’s back-up account – TubboTWO – even managed to ratio The Doc in the replies with a simple response to his tweet, posting: “Ahahahah guys.”

The Two-Time stated that he would wait for the Minecrafter to delete his tweets, that hasn’t happened and he might just have to take the L on this one. It’s hard to mess with the Minecrafters on Twitter.