Twitch leak reveals ‘do not ban’ list with top streamers on it

Dylan Horetski
ricegum on do not ban list

Among the items leaked in Twitch’s recent security breach is a ‘do not ban’ list featuring the likes of streamers Tyler1 and Ricegum.

Twitch recently had a massive security breach which included important parts of the website being leaked online. Some of the leaked items are the website’s source code, creator revenue, and a ‘do not ban’ list that seems to offer certain creators immunity from being instantly suspended after a violation.

It’s unknown how up-to-date the list is, but it seems to list various creators along with a reason why they shouldn’t be instantly banned if they commit a violation.

Tyler1 League of Legends
Tyler1 is among the list of creators on the ‘do not ban’ list, with instructions to escalate any violations to specific staff.

Twitch ‘do not ban’ list leaked

Posted in Asmongold’s subreddit on October 7, the list shows streamers like DJWheat, Ricegum, and lolTyler1. Alongside each person on the list, it says: “reason,” with a reason specific to each creator.

One person featured on the list is Emmett Shear — co-founder and CEO of TwitchTV — whose username ‘Sarbandia’ is listed with a reason: “CEO \/ STAFF (Do not ban for literally any reason)”

He’s not the only big name that’s on the ‘do not ban’ list, as Tyler1 and Ricegum both appear on the list for similar reasons: “Do not suspend; escalate violations to (redacted)”

With staff being told to escalate both creators to a specific staff member, it seems as if the platform gives them special treatment when they are in violation of a rule.

twitch do not ban list
With the recent data leak, this ‘do not ban’ list surfaced featuring several big names.

Listed in the reasons for both Tyler1 and Ricegum are two employee emails, both of which were read out loud on stream by the political streamer, Destiny.

Just a day after he was clipped sharing the employee emails, he was banned from the platform for allegedly sharing personal information.

Judging by the screenshot, there appears to be more to the ‘do not ban’ list. We’ll have to wait to see whether or not any more of it gets leaked to the public.

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