Minecraft 1.20 update adds seven new default skins for “equal” representation

Minecraft new default skinsMojang

Minecraft Live 2022 introduced the latest 1.20 update for Minecraft, with the focus being on representation and self-expression. With that in mind, they released seven brand new default skins to help everyone feel part of the game.

Originally, Steve was the only default character available to play, which in turn, inspired many players to invent new skins, often representing their favorite characters or animals. However, in 2015, Mojang added in a new default skin, Alex. Together they represented the open-world game and allowed for a bit more variety.

Now, in 2022, during Minecraft Live, Mojang took a focus on representation and strived to introduce more self-expression to the popular game. Along with many other additions in the next update, one such announcement was that the game would be getting seven new default skins, to help those from every background and way of life feel represented.

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Minecraft introduces seven new default skinsMojang
The new skins will join Alex and Steve as default skins for players to choose from.

Minecraft Live announces seven new default skins

The seven default skins were shown off running away from a Creeper during Minecraft Live and players were able to witness each new skin in action.

The skins feature different genders, skin colors, and body types, making sure every player is accounted for and is able to express themselves fully.

Their names are Makena, Efe, Noor, Kai, Ari, Sunny, and Zuri.

When will the new skins be coming to Minecraft?

While we currently don’t have a specific date for the other elements of the 1.20 Minecraft update, we do know when the new default skins will be coming to Minecraft. They will be available in the Minecraft Launcher and the Dressing Room on November 29.

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