Marvel Snap’s Jean Grey card just debuted with one major flaw as key counter is locked out

Brad Norton
Marvel Snap Jean Grey artwork

Marvel Snap’s weekly rollout of new cards just brought X-Men staple Jean Grey into the spotlight, but her July 10 debut has caused devs to quickly sound the alarm. With one key counter not quite working as intended, a major bug could see Jean Grey dominating the meta until a hotfix arrives.

With each passing season in Marvel Snap, fresh content is always just around the corner. From exciting game modes to devious Locations and of course, a constant influx of cards as well, fans can always expect something new when they boot up the CCG.

Currently, in the midst of the fiery Rise of the Phoenix season, we recently saw the introduction of Phoenix Force, a card capable of flipping any game on its head. Following close behind, Jean Grey just entered the fight as part of the July 10 daily reset.

This new Series 5 card comes with a hefty price tag of 6,000 Collector’s Tokens, but for those early investors, an unintended bonus awaits. The card has been released with a particular bug in effect, one that could just make Jean Grey unstoppable until the next update.

Marvel Jean Grey character
Jean Grey shines bright as part of Marvel Snap’s Rise of the Phoenix season.

As a 3 Cost, 3 Power card, Jean Grey drops into a Location with the following effect: Ongoing – Players must play their first card here each turn (if possible).

Forcing your opponent to cram their units into a single Location until the space is full can dramatically impact strategies for a vast array of deck archetypes. Be it other Ongoing decks leveraging Wong combos, Destroy decks not looking to break certain cards, and of course, Movement decks as well. All can have their progress halted by this single 3-drop.

Naturally, many have been starting to devise counters for the potentially dominant pick, with a frontrunner being Enchantress. Given Jean Grey’s effect is Ongoing, playing Enchantress as early as possible serves as a direct workaround. At least, that’s what you’d assume on paper.

With Jean Grey now live, however, this counter isn’t quite working as intended. At the time of writing, through our own testing, Dexerto can verify Enchantress does not put a stop to the effect of Jean Grey.

Fortunately, devs at Second Dinner appear to be on the case already. Mere minutes after setting the card live for players around the globe, the official Marvel Snap Twitter account chimed in with a brief update pertaining to the issue.

“Right now, Jean Grey’s effect is not impacted by Enchantress,” devs confirmed. “Hang tight and we appreciate you as we work on shipping a hotfix in the coming days.”

So while an exact ETA hasn’t been provided, players shouldn’t have to wait all too long to see this interaction working as intended. In the meantime, you’ll have to be extra cautious of Jean Grey decks on the ladder and potentially look at swapping out Enchantress for a more effective counter.