Marvel Snap player stuns opponent with epic Galactus revival

Jake Nichols
galactus marvel snap card

A Marvel Snap player pulled off an astounding victory, harnessing the power of the Phoenix Force to breathe new life into the now rarely-seen Galactus card on the pivotal Turn 6.

Reddit user ‘Vegabomb91’ deployed the once-feared but recently neglected Galactus in the most surprising of ways. This savvy player made an epic comeback to seize victory from the jaws of defeat by reviving and boosting Galactus with the newly-released Phoenix Force card.

For those unaware, Marvel Snap is a game of control in its simplest form: the player who wins the most locations wins the game.

But what if there’s only one Location left? That’s the strategy ‘Vegabomb91’ employed, using Galactus to destroy two vulnerable Locations and dramatically swing the game’s balance.

Galactus was a headache for most Marvel Snap players in the past. His ability to wipe out all other Locations if he was the only card there transformed the game’s strategy from location control to Galactus survival.

Combine Galactus with nuisance cards like Spider-Man, which can block an opponent’s Location, and you had an almost unbeatable setup. Understandably, the game’s developers, Second Dinner, felt compelled to address this imbalance, especially after noting that Galactus’ win rate and play rate were skyrocketing.

The resulting changes to Galactus had a substantial impact on the once-dominant card. Galactus’ stats improved from 6/2 to 6/7, but he could now only destroy other Locations if he was winning his own.

This tweak gave opponents more control over their fate, allowing for strategic counters to thwart Galactus before he could wreak havoc.

Phoenix Force Card Abilities
The Phoenix Force possesses a unique revive and merge On-Reveal effect

If Galactus players wanted to succeed post-nerf, they’d need to be especially creative with their strategies, and this is exactly what ‘Vegabomb91’ demonstrated.

After their opponent deployed Wave, reducing the cost of all cards to 4 for the next turn, ‘Vegabomb91’ responded by playing a Galactus early and in a now-unusual way. When Galactus was destroyed on Turn 5 by Carnage, their opponent must have been increasingly confused. However, this move was merely the prelude to a grand scheme.

The newly-released Phoenix Force card possesses a unique ability to revive a previously destroyed card, merge with it, and enhance it by adding its power to the revived card. When ‘Vegabomb91’ unveiled the Phoenix Force on Turn 6, it revived and empowered Galactus, which no doubt left their opponent in frustrated disbelief as the prospect of a certain victory slipped away.

After this spectacular victory, Marvel Snap players are now viewing the game through a new lens. The trick of deliberately destroying Galactus before Turn 6, once seen as an odd choice, has suddenly become a viable strategy.

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