Madden 24: When does the companion app release?

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Traditionally, EA Sports has released a mobile companion app for the Madden football franchise. Here’s what we know about the companion app for Madden 24.

In the past, EA Sports has released a mobile Madden companion app for the console games, apart from the mobile version.

This companion app allowed players to check their Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) collection and manage online Franchise Mode files. However, some may be wondering if there is an app for the new Madden 24 game.

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Here’s what we know about the Madden 24 companion app.

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The Madden 24 companion app

As of this writing, the Madden 24 companion app is not available in either the Google Play or Apple App stores. EA stated that there’s no set release date as of yet, but will let Madden players know when it’s available.

Currently, only a companion app for Madden 23 is available at the moment. If and when the Madden 24 version goes live, individuals who already have it downloaded will likely need to update it. This, however, has not been confirmed.

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The Madden companion app in the past has been an application for mobile devices that’s allowed players to buy and sell players in Madden Ultimate Team via the marketplace. Additionally, individuals were able to peruse their MUT card binder.

The Madden companion app also had functionality for online Franchise Mode. Commissioners had the option to advance weeks and export roster data, among other features.

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