Can you import Road to Glory save in College Football 25 to Madden 25?

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College Football 25 lets you play the Road to Glory mode and create your college athlete but can you transfer their save files over to Madden 25 Superstar Mode?

College Football 25 will see the return of Road to Glory, the “live the life” of a college football mode. This will let you create your own player as you witness their journey from college to NFL.

However, this begs an interesting question. Will Road to Glory save transfer over and continue in Madden 25? Thanks to EA, we have an answer to that question.

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Status of Road to Glory transfer to Superstar Mode

Yes, a created superstar in College Football 25 Road to Glory can be transferred over to Madden 25. This has been confirmed by EA Sports, as a welcome post on the Madden website explicitly stated that this would be available for football fans.

This means that College Football 25 players can start a career through Road to Glory, then transfer that avatar over to Madden and continue on the path to superstardom.

The ability to do this follows through what football fans could do with NCAA Football and Madden during the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 era of these games.

In the old NCAA Football games, an option to transfer career modes from one to another was also available. Users could transfer a Road to Glory or Dynasty save file from NCAA Football into Madden, so long as the proper queues were followed in the transfer.

College Football 25 players will have ample to time to go through Road to Glory before heading off to Madden. The former will launch on July 19 worldwide, while Madden 25 will be released on August 16, 2024.

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