Shroud backflips on Lost Ark “boring” claims: “Now I’m addicted”

shroud-lost-ark-boring-addictedTwitch: Shroud / Smilegate

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek backflipped on his claims that Lost Ark is the most “boring” game he’s ever played, admitting he’s now “addicted” after streaming it for almost 50 hours.

A slew of streamers, including Dr Disrespect, Summit1g, and xQc admitted they had no interest in playing Lost Ark when it released on February 11.

Shroud took it a step further and claimed it was the most boring game he’s ever played.

Most of them stuck to their guns and haven’t touched it since. However, shroud decided to give it a go. Now, after streaming it for almost 50 hours, he backflipped on his initial claims and admitted he’s “addicted”.

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Lost Ark characters gathered togetherSmileGate
Lost Ark is Amazon’s latest free-to-play MMO.

“Many streamers have said the game is kind of boring. Thoughts?” he said while reading out a fan’s question.

“Yeah, I was one of them, okay. I’ll admit I was one of them. I was a boring believer. Now I’m f**king addicted.”

The numbers don’t lie. It’s his most-streamed game so far in February, pipping the likes of Valorant and New World.

It’s also generated more views for him, too — not that he cares. He’s averaged 25,000 viewers while streaming it compared to 15,00 on Valorant.

Shroud has enjoyed Lost Ark so much that he even revealed a desire to “run the game” by taking over its economy.

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Only time will tell whether the interest and hype in the game will last. xQc is convinced it won’t. However, its player count is still going strong, which suggests otherwise.