ImperialHal explains why he finds Apex Legends “boring” but still plays

Joe Brady (@joebradyphoto)/ALGS

TSM star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has explained why he’s still committed to Apex Legends despite finding the battle royale “boring” quite a fair bit of the time. 

Over the last few seasons of Apex Legends, many players – both pro and causal – have had complaints about Respawn not giving things a proper refresh.

ImperialHal has been right up there as well, as the ALGS champion has urged the devs to make some big changes. He’s previously suggested they dig into the pockets like Fortnite does and introduce Cash Cup-like events to boost Ranked play and competitive viewers

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The TSM star has also voiced concerns about the overall state of the battle royale, claiming it “won’t last” if there aren’t too many good seasonal updates around the corner.

ImperialHal will still play Apex Legends even though it’s a little “boring”

Despite all his complaints and feeling that is a bit “boring” these days, the TSM IGL has continued to grind the game in the off-season for the ALGS. 

“I feel like the actual game, outside of competitive, is just boring to me. Playing ranked, pubs… when I look at the playlist of this game, when I look at pubs, controls, ranked, firing range, it’s all like the same thing to me and everything is redundant,” Hal said.

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“It just gets boring to me because it has been the same thing for the most part for a long time, so the only thing that passes time fast is playing comp, like playing scrims, playing tournaments, and that’s how it’s been for the last like three seasons for me. It’s so hard for me to play like eight hours of ranked compared to six seasons ago.”

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The two-time ALGS MVP added that changing things up and playing other games on stream was unlikely to help things either. 

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“Just because I might not enjoy Apex ranked like I used to, that is not going to stop me from doing my part on team” he added.

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