xQc reveals why he refuses to stream “grindy” Lost Ark on Twitch

xqc-lost-ark-twitch-streamSmilegate / Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel revealed the reason why he refuses to stream Lost Ark on Twitch, claiming it’s a “very grindy” game, and he doesn’t want to play MMOs of that nature anymore.

Lost Ark’s popularity has been rising since its early access period launched on February 7.

As far as streaming goes, Asmongold has been at the forefront of its success — not only did he break his viewership record playing it, but it’s still happening. The numbers have been so insane, he’s even helped other streamers blow up after watching their Lost Ark content on stream too.

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However, that’s not enough to convince xQc to play the game, and he explained why.

Deadeye class Lost ArkSmilegate
xQc doesn’t plan on playing Lost Ark anytime soon.

“Am I going to play Lost Ark? Probably not,” xQc said. “It’s a very grindy game. It’s a very MMO’ish game. It’s not really my big forte these days. I’ve played MMOs my entire life, and I think I’ve had my share with them.”

He also explained that he doesn’t care about how popular it is right now: “I don’t give a sh*t. I don’t care. Do you want to know why? Because I don’t play sh*t based on how many views it gets. It’s that simple.”

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The juicer warlord expanded on that point, claiming people who stream for views are “weird”, while his viewer counts are meaningless to him now.

xQc wrapped up his point by saying Lost Ark is only doing well because of Twitch drops and hype, and will eventually fall off like every other game.

“Every viewer comes out of the woodwork. Then when the drops are over, and the hype is done… these guys completely disappear.”

xQc isn’t the only streamer who isn’t sold on Lost Ark. Dr Disrespect also admitted he isn’t willing to play it, describing it as “one of those games where I couldn’t tell the difference between who is a better player”.

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Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar isn’t a fan too. He claimed the leveling grind is “bonkers” compared to other MMOs and ultimately decided to stream World of Warcraft instead.