Summit1g slams “bonkers” Lost Ark leveling grind with brutal New World comparison

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Lost Ark is the latest MMO that is garnering a lot of attention from the gaming community, but Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar believes the current grind is even worse than New World. 

While the Lost Ark servers have only been up for a few days, adventurers like Summit1g have been busy leveling up their characters and taking on the game’s dungeons. While Lost Ark aims to set itself apart from other popular MMOs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, there are still plenty of familiar tropes.

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In fact, those that wish to reach Lost Ark’s end-game content will need to reach level 60. While this is achievable by following the game’s main questline, it can take a number of hours to achieve, especially if you aim to level multiple characters. 

Popular streamer, Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar, has voiced his concerns over the level grinding is in Lost Ark, noting that it is even worse than New World

Summit1g gives thoughts on Lost Ark leveling

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Summit1g isn’t a fan of Lost Ark’s slow leveling.

While many players have been enjoying their time in Lost Ark, not everyone is enamoured with the new MMO. In fact, Summit1g has been quick to point out just how slow and grindy the current character leveling is. The popular streamer was keen to draw parallels to New World – another MMO that caused issues among players due to its slow progression. 

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“I played for like 11 to 12 hours or something like that, and it was just all the same sh*t. It was just crazy,” explained Summit1g. “Remember when New World got a bunch of shit about its leveling being so much of the same sh*t, right? Like, very repetitive. I just can’t believe no one is saying the same sh*t about [Lost Ark].”

New World received a lot of hate from players, which was largely down to the lack of end-game content, and the amount of grinding needed to reach new milestones. While grinding mobs for experience has always been a pivotal feature to any MMO, Summit1g believes this trope is not a valid excuse. 

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“It’s literally the same, I would say. Maybe even worse. When it comes to that specific thing, I’m not saying the game [is bad] in general. Like, the leveling diversity is f*cking bonkers bad. You can’t just blanket that by saying leveling sucks in all MMOs, you know what I’m saying? It’s like, that’s not an excuse to have sh*tty leveling.”

Whether Lost Ark will make any adjustments to its leveling system remains to be seen, but for now, players will need to be prepared to put in a number of hours if they wish to max out their stats. 

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