Shroud explains how he could change Lost Ark economy overnight

. 5 months ago
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Smilegate RPG/shroud

Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has threatened to take over Lost Ark’s economy, telling his viewership he’s ready to utilize his “endless bank account” in order to do so.

Lost Ark kicked off its North American release with insane popularity, and instantly shot up the Steam charts to the very top.

While the game is still riding high, some streamers haven’t fully hopped on the bandwagon just yet. On the game’s launch shroud slammed the MMO, and labeled it “boring.”

Despite his initial diagnosis, he’s continued to play even and even reached level 50, and claimed he’s ready to dominate the MMO’s economy.

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Smilegate RPG
Lost Ark is developed by Smilegate RPG.

Shroud ready to flex in Lost Ark

Shroud was sifting through the currency exchange menus in Lost Ark, looking at how much bang he can get for his buck by putting real money into the game.

The streamer was stunned at how expensive the games shop is and shouted: “I only get 5,000 gold from that? That’s it?!”

Although his party member explained it might not be worth putting money into the game right now, he replied: “Yeah, but I also have an endless bank account.”

He continued: “I could run this game. I could run the whole economy.”

Shroud certainly isn’t short the funds to pump tons of cash into Lost Ark, and recently became the sixth Twitch streamer ever to reach 10 million followers on the platform.

Although putting real money into the game is enticing, he hasn’t done it just yet, even though the temptation was quite alluring.

The 27-year-old has continued to stream the title despite previously claiming the game’s growth would be stifled by its unique style and combat.

Whether or not his next move on Lost Ark will be an economic takeover remains to be seen, but not many fans would doubt his ability to pull it off.

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