Dr Disrespect explains why he won’t stream Lost Ark: “Where’s the skill?”

Smilegate RPG/Dr Disrespect

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect is not a fan of MMOs and got into a heated argument with fellow YouTuber TimTheTatman about the level of skill needed to play them at a high level.

Dr Disrespect is one of the top streamers on the internet. The infamously banned Twitch star has been making a name for himself for years with his highlight-reel FPS snipes, hilarious takes, and unreal production quality.

While he may be a force to be reckoned with when he has a sniper rifle in his hands, the Two-Time isn’t as big of a supporter of MMOs such as Lost Ark.

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During a recent stream, Doc expressed exactly why and took issue with his Warzone teammate’s enthusiasm with the new RPG.

Dr Disrespect explains his issue with MMOs

With many players excited to play Lost Ark, Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman engaged in a debate over why that hype existed in the first place.

“If I’m going to invest time into a game…” Doc began before Tim cut him off, citing his dislike of MMOs or other genres he isn’t a fan of. “Please explain why do you like it?”

“You get to level your character, you can get rare gear, you can player versus player,” Tim shot back.

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Dr Disrespect talks on YouTube stream.YouTube/Dr Disrespect
It doesn’t look like Dr Disrespect will be streaming MMOs.

“Where’s the skill, though?” Doc asked. “Ultimately. In terms of a skill that you might be able to recognize from one player to another. Where’s that difference? If I’m watching shroud and then you play, an MMO is one of those games where I couldn’t tell the f**king difference between who is a better player.”

This argument pushed Tim over the edge, comparing MMOs to Lacrosse in how spectators couldn’t tell who is more skilled – something the Two-Time disagreed with.

In the end, neither side seemed to break through to the other and they had to agree to disagree. Still, don’t expect to see Doc bring his violence, speed, and momentum to Lost Ark or other MMOs in the near future.

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