MoistCritikal slams Kick over “illegal” content after N3on’s hit-and-run ban

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star MoistCritikal is putting Kick on blast after one of its top streamers, N3on, was banned for broadcasting himself in a hit-and-run with a reckless driver.

MoistCritikal isn’t mincing words about his feelings toward Kick, a streaming platform that launched in 2023 as a rival to Twitch and is backed by Stake, an online gambling company.

Moist’s comments were sparked after N3on received a ban from the site for streaming himself riding in the passenger seat of a speeding Lamborghini, which swerved in and out of traffic before hitting a yellow van and fleeing the scene.

Although N3on wasn’t the one driving, broadcasting the illegal act was seemingly enough to get him booted from the platform for an as-yet-unknown period of time… but Moist claims that despite this punishment, Kick remains a hotspot for illegal activity.

“They are a platform that’s impossible to take seriously, because it is pretty much used by a lot of people as a place to broadcast actual illegal activity,” the YouTuber argued. “And Kick still does really nothing about it, except give them a 72-hour ban at most.”

He went on to claim that Kick is just as inconsistent on bans with “terrible enforcement of their rules” as Twitch, referring to Twitch’s past issues with inappropriate content inundating its platform.

Moist ended his rant against Kick by calling the site “laughable,” before slamming N3on for being “insufferable” and blasting the ongoing trend of reckless drivers speeding through traffic on the highway.

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N3on’s driving stunt isn’t the only outrage-inducing thing to be streamed on Kick, by far. Earlier this month, streamer Natalie Reynolds sparked backlash after catching a shark during a broadcast and sitting on it — mere months after spearing a wild boar on camera for thousands of viewers to see.

Johnny Somali, another infamous Kick streamer, was banned from Israel after streaming himself harassing a female police officer during his travels and even posting images of Adin Ross, Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffrey Epstein on the Western Wall — a holy site in the country.

Somali has also been arrested a number of times for his antics while traveling abroad, something N3on can relate to, as he was recently released from prison in Dubai after filming in a restricted area in one of his streams.

It’s currently unclear if N3on will face legal consequences for streaming his joyride in New York City, which he claims wasn’t agreed upon with the driver and that they were only supposed to go “ten miles” above the speed limit.

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