Kick streamer under fire for spearing wild boar in live hunting broadcast

Virginia Glaze

Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds is facing backlash from viewers after broadcasting herself spearing a wild boar.

Natalie Reynolds is an influencer who boasts a healthy following across multiple social media platforms. She commands over 350K followers on Instagram and 56K on Twitter/X, with another 14K followers on Kick.

On January 24, Reynolds began a two-hour broadcast titled ‘SHOOTING ANIMALS FOR DINNER LIVE.’ At the beginning of the stream, she claimed that she would be hunting wild hogs using a spear.

Reynolds, decked out in hunting camo, along with a friend, explained that the hogs would be eaten as food and were not being hunted for sport.


Natalie, her friend, and two other hunters spotted a boar about 40 minutes into the stream, which was being pinned by several hunting dogs.

The streamer was later banned on Kick for the stream.

Kick streamer sparks outrage for spearing wild boar

The dogs had grabbed hold of the hog’s ears to prevent it from swinging its head from side to side, causing potential injury with its tusks, while one of the accompanying hunters grabbed its legs to immobilize the animal.

It was then that Natalie approached the squealing boar with her spear and carried out the task of killing it. During the incident, one of the hunters claimed that the pig was “killing my dog” and that she had to be quick.

Unfortunately, Natalie’s work with the spear wasn’t exactly clean, leaving the animal writhing in pain and definitely not dead.

As the pig’s throat was slit by one of the hunters with them, Natalie and her friend joked that it was at “one HP,” with Natalie feigning throwing up as she watched the animal die.

“I wasn’t expecting the blood,” she admitted after the incident. “That caught me by surprise.”

Clips from Natalie’s boar-hunting excursion quickly went viral across Twitter/X, inciting a firestorm of criticism against the streamer for broadcasting such a grisly scene.

“Dude, don’t make it suffer if you’re gonna kill it,” one user wrote.

“Alright, she has gone too far now,” another said.

“This is disgusting,” another remarked.

Natalie has since deleted her tweet announcing the stream, but doesn’t seem to be letting the criticism bring her down. In response to a post containing a clip of the hunt, Natalie shot back at her critics, writing: “It’s called hunting. Can’t wait to eat it up real good tonight.”


The United States Department of Agriculture defines feral swine as a “destructive, invasive species” that “directly impact threatened and endangered species,” causing “[habitat] destruction through their rooting, wallowing, trampling, and feeding behaviors.”

A hunting license is required to hunt wild boar. In the state of California, general open season lasts year-round, and there is no daily bag or possession limit for feral swine.

Kick’s Community Guidelines do not currently contain any clauses regarding animal cruelty or violence toward animals, and Reynold’s channel is still available to view at the time of writing.

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