Kick streamer Johnny Somali banned from Jerusalem after second arrest in Israel

Jeremy Gan
Johnny Somali in Isreal at the western wall

Controversial IRL streamer Johnny Somali has been arrested for a second time in Israel and banned from Jerusalem for 50 days as a result. 

Kick and Rumble streamer Johnny Somali has been arrested for a second time in Israel after putting up pictures of Adin Ross, Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffrey Epstein on the Western Wall. The Western Wall is a holy site in Israel.

Somali live-streamed himself on April 11 bringing three printed-out pictures of the men, folding them up, while saying some parting words for the men before slipping them into the cracks of the Western Wall. 

After doing so, Somali was approached by police questioning what he had put in the wall, with Somali claiming it was a “prayer”. It is traditional for those practicing Judaism to slip in prayer notes in the cracks of the Western Wall.

During the stream, Somali showed his passport to the authorities and was subsequently escorted by the police and forced to shut off his stream. 

Several hours after going offline, he started up another stream following his release from police custody, in which he revealed he was questioned by the authorities and banned from Jerusalem. 

“We’re free guys,” Somali began his stream. “My last time in Jerusalem, I’ve been officially banned from Jerusalem for 50 days,” Somali claimed on his stream.

“I feel like the anti-Christ, I feel like the Messiah, they said n**** you are not allowed to come to Jerusalem for 50 days after the stunt you pulled.”

Somali revealed that he was interrogated by the police for several hours and his friend had to pay his bail of 5,000 Shekels to get him out, which is roughly $1,331 USD.

Somali was arrested just days before this incident on April 6 when he streamed himself harassing a female police officer.