N3on calls out MoistCr1tikal and wants to fight him: “I hate this guy”

Shay Robson

Kick streamer n3on has called out YouTube star MoistCr1tikal, claiming he “hates him” and wants to fight the YouTuber.

Despite being hit with an instant ban from the Stake Casino-backed platform Kick earlier in March, for allegedly threatening to dox and sexually assaulting a minor, Rangesh ‘n3on‘ Mutam is already back streaming and feuding with other creators.

In a stream on March 19, n3on called out MoistCr1tikal, claiming he “hates” and wants to fight the YouTuber in response to his reaction to him being banned from Kick — which MoistCr1tikal called “less than a slap on the wrist.”

Hitting back, the 19-year-old lashed out, where he even called him a transphobic slur. “Oh, here it goes. This guy bro. Chat I swear to god bro. Hey, listen, whatever your f**king name is. You’re a t**nny.”

Not only that, n3on went on to say he “hates” the YouTuber, and would ‘kick his a**’ if the two threw down in a fight. “Listen bro. You want to fight, let me know bro. I swear to god I will beat your a**,” he said.

N3on continued: “You’re an annoying a** motherf**ker. F**k you’re so damn annoying. I hate this guy. I literally hate him.”

While it’s unlikely we’ll n3on go blow-for-blow with MoistCr1tikal, we could still see the Kick star in the boxing ring sometime soon.

Earlier in March, the streamer met with KSI and his manager Mams Taylor on stream, where discussions on the streamer’s boxing debut were opened. It was revealed that we could see n3on headline a Misfits Boxing event in the future. But, only time will tell.