Adin Ross warns people will die if Kick doesn’t stop reckless driving streams

Michael Gwilliam
adin ross discussing reckless driving on Kick

Adin Ross is concerned that innocent lives could be lost if Kick doesn’t crack down on reckless driving streams after N3on was unbanned after just one day.

On April 29, Kick streamer N3on was in a Lamborghini with New York street racer Squeeze Benz. During the broadcast, the racer swerved through traffic and eventually crashed the vehicle before fleeing in a hit-and-run.

N3on was only hit with a one-day ban for filming the wild stunt – something that Adin Ross is taking a major issue with.

During his own stream, Adin watched footage of N3on’s dangerous broadcast and expressed concern that promoting that type of content could have serious consequences, not just for the streaming platform, but for innocent people, too.

“There is 100% gonna be a group of people, a group of kids whatever, who think this sh*t is cool to do. So, what’s gonna happen is a bunch of people are going to try to cut up and you’re gonna see a lot more accidents and God forbid no one truly dies or gets hurt,” he explained.

“That’s the issue I have! You’re gonna see a lot of people start police chasing, and that’s gonna lead to innocent lives being passed away. That’s the problem I had with this being streamed on Kick,” Ross added. “It’s just endorsing it so other people become sh*tty drivers.”

Adin further noted that not everyone who tries driving so recklessly would be as talented as Squeeze and people trying to be like him would just end up crashing their cars.

Ross was also baffled by how N3on was only banned for a day following the broadcast while other streamers have had harsher punishments for incidents “not nearly as crazy.”

“That is pure favoritism… Kick, you gotta fix this sh*t. For real. It’s a platform that is specifically drowning. You cannot bail him and give him a slap on the wrist for promoting Squeeze Benz. And I f**k with Squeeze. He’s still promoting it,” Adin blasted. “He could have killed people, bro. An innocent person could have died. Eventually, he’s gonna kill someone. It’s inevitable.”

So far, it’s not clear if Kick will listen to Adin’s advice, but the green streaming platform is hardly the only site where reckless driving has become an issue.

Just recently, YouTuber Mondi totaled his rare $1.4m McLaren after performing stunts in front of a crowd and ended up crashing into a dealership.

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