Kick bans streamer for pulling gun on couple and harassing them for kissing in public

Dylan Horetski
kick streamer banned

A streamer has been banned from Kick after haranguing a couple for PDA – and even pulling out a gun on them when they got into an argument about it.

On July 2, 2024, a clip went viral on Twitter/X showing a Kick streamer and his cameraman walking down the street when he approached a couple and began harassing them for kissing in public.

“You ain’t sh*t, you ain’t sh*t, go f**k yourself,” said the streamer towards the couple.

The woman grabbed the man’s camera – a phone connected to a selfie stick – and the two began going back and forth for a short time.

During that altercation, however, the streamer pulled out a gun and pointed it at the woman. In the background, you can hear the cameraman allegedly calling for the streamer to shoot her.

“This streamer was immediately permabanned when reported to our 24/7 chat feature with Kick staff. He is no longer on Kick. We work with local authorities when called upon,” he said.

“I encourage all who follow these types of profiles to please do further research. Or demand follow up. Many times the creator is already dealt with. We also welcome reports from drama handles when they see something egregious. A simple email to while posting.”

This comes just days after Kick stars N3on and Jack Doherty were banned from the platform for getting into a fight while IRL streaming a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Event in Florida.

Kick revealed the launch of its IRL and Chat Roulette categories on June 24 in hopes that the website will have an easier time moderating streams for situations just like this.

“We’re going to make sure every person in the Chat Roulette and IRL category [has] an active moderator there ready to turn the stream off in case things get out of control,” said Kick CEO Eddie Craven.

“It’s going to hopefully remove a lot of those problematic situations that sometimes just get left unchecked.”