Is Robin worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail?

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot from the game Honkai Star Rail

Robin is a brand new 5-star unit set for release in Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2. Here is whether you should pull for the unit or not in the upcoming patch.

Robin is a 5-star Physical Harmony unit in Honkai Star Rail and there is a lot of hype surrounding her arrival. Early leaks have encapsulated fans and her appearance in the Penacony story has got players interested.

However, Robin has competition with the likes of Ruan Mei, Sparkle, and Bronya which are all exceptionally powerful Harmony units. This leads to the question of how strong she will be and whether you should consider pulling her or not.

Here is what we know so far about Robin’s value in Honkai Star Rail.

A screenshot from the game Honkai Star Rail
Robin is a pretty decent unit to pull in Honkai Star Rail

Should you pull for Robin in Honkai Star Rail?

Yes, Robin is worth pulling and spending your Stellar Jades on in Honkai Star Rail. Robin’s kit is catered towards buffing your allies with damage and ATK boosts. She is also able to enhance the CRIT DMG of allies and can deal damage herself through her Ultimate ability.

However, these are things that characters like Sparkle and Bronya can do as well. The most fun aspect of Robin in Honkai Star Rail that makes her strong is that she can grant Immediate Action to all teammates using her Ultimate ability.

This is a game changer in a turn-based game as Immediate Action comes in handy in modes like Pure Fiction where you have to deal a certain amount of damage in a fixed duration. One normal attack can be a difference maker on whether the character can use their Ultimate ability or not.

Apart from that, Robin’s Technique creates a field where enemies follow her but do not attack her. This ability will help Robin hold back enemies while the rest of the team focuses on dealing damage.

Overall, she is a pretty solid unit even though some of the buffs she gives are similar to what Bronya or Sparkle provide. The Immediate Action ability will turn the tides of battles and even though she is not a must-have, Robin will be a powerful unit that will make your party perform even better.

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